Possible Drainage Issue or Something Else?

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Possible Drainage Issue or Something Else?

Hi All,

Could use some your expertise...

I recently moved into a home in Indiana. It was built in 2016. We recently had a big rain storm here in Indiana and a day or so after the storm I noticed there was one wet area on sidewalk in front of the home. I could see water running down from my lawn. Tracing it up the lawn to find the source, I found there was an area of standing water in the middle of the lawn. At that point my assumption was that maybe it was a low spot and needed some fill or something.

However, over the last day or so (we haven't gotten any more rain), I noticed that part of the sidewalk is inconsistently wet. It will be dry and then I'll go out an hour or so later and it will be wet and have running water again. This seems very odd to be caused by drainage.

My question is, could something from the house be draining to that part of the yard and maybe we have a leak?

I do have a sprinkler system but I turned them on and don't see any issues and I have shut it off for the time being and still see the water issue.

I contacted the builder but am outside the one year warranty so looking elsewhere for direction before paying to bring in possibly the wrong expert.

Thank you!
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I would expect that you probably have a lawn popup that is the drainage from your gutters, and that it is periodically burping up a little water. Nothing to be concerned about.
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Check everything. Do you have a sump pump? Where do all your downspouts lead? I would double check the irrigation system. Make sure nothing in the house is using water and note the reading on your water meter then check it 15 minutes later and see if the reading is unchanged. The water is coming from somewhere.
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Wind pressure could cause an underground drainage pipe that is full of standing water to burp up a little more. The fact that it's directly in front of the house and that it rained recently leads to that conclusion. (Assuming your downspouts go underground, that is)

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