Leveling side yard

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Leveling side yard

Hello, I am debating trying to level my yard. I am trying to figure out that best way to go about it. We have a pvc fence around it already that follows the grading of the yard and it slopes down and away from the house. It is currently about a 20-30degree slope depending on what spot of the yard youíre in. I donít expect to get it to be flat but just not as steep as it currently is. I was debating adding about 5 yards of dirt(should I be mixing in anything else?) and just trying to correct the slope that way without having it ride to high on the bottom of the corner fence. Any advice or comments are appreciated. TIA
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Some pictures would help. Here are instructions for including pictures in your post.

I don't think it will accomplish what you want. Which I assume is to level it a bit to make mowing easier. You can not pile dirt up against the fence. It is not a retaining wall and the constant pressure from the soil will push the fence over or at least cause it to lean. So, you'll be stuck with the high side at the house still at the same elevation and the low side will still be at the fence.
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There is no point in doing anything if you aren't going to remove the fence. You obviously can't bury the fence and only adding a few inches isnt a meaningful difference.
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20-30degree slope depending on what spot of the yard youíre in
I was debating adding about 5 yards of dirt(
We must be talking different terms about "Leveling"!

A yard at 20-30 degrees slope is not going to change with just 5 yards of dirt.

5 yards of dirt might fill a few low spots but that's about it!
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and it may be sloped because it needs to remove water from the foundation or the basement will leak (if you have one) or keep water from the walls.
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I think the responses so far have confirmed our need to see some pictures.

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