Ideas for disposing large dirt / bio waste pile


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Ideas for disposing large dirt / bio waste pile

I've been working to clear my backyard of topsoil and now have a pretty large pile of dirt with roots and some rocks mixed in.

I don't really know how to estimate how heavy this is, but I called about getting a 10 yard low-boy delivered and they quoted me around $630, which seems high to me.

What are some economical ways of getting rid of this big pile?

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Hard to get a scale of how big the pile is but it looks like it could be more than 10 yards.
To get an idea how their price stacks up get a quote from a bigger landscaping company to use a loader to put that waste into a truck and haul it away.
Here due to load restictions a tandem dump truck can only haul 6 yards of gravel but being dirt your waste is likely somewhat lighter than gravel.

You might find the price you got for the dumpster isn't all that bad.
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Thats a big pile of dirt, I wish I had an excess amount on my property.

You might put a "free" ad on Craigslist and give it away or try to find a way to use on your property!
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The pile is probably 20' long, 6' tall and 6-8' wide. I wish I could use it, but there really is no place for it on my little property. And no one is my area is looking for dirty dirt - you can't tell very well from the photo but there is a lot of eco trash mixed in.
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You might start calling building contractors, out of your area, and letting them know there is about 25 cubic yards of fill.....for free
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You could dig a hole and bury it.

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20X6X6 is about what a 30 yard roll-off container will hold. I have 11 years experience in roll-off. you're easily going to have 50 tons. Legally, a roll-off truck can haul about 8 tons of waste..... legally. I have hauled in the range of 20 tons, but that ticket was very expensive for Waste Management..... that's after you consider the safety issues. Two & a half times over weight.
So, legally, WM would have to make 7 trips. Depending on how far you are from facilities, your container is going to be maybe $300 to deliver the container, probably $500 per trip to empty & return the container, then disposal fees. Our landfill charges about $45 per ton X 50 = $2250. So for a waste company to get that removed.... legally, you're into it for several thousand dollars.

Then you got to get it loaded at whatever expense.
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I don't think the roll off price is out of line. The problem is you literally have tons of material. Do you have a front end loader on site? If so you can put up signs and run adds for free fill dirt. The gotcha is most will show up with a dump truck which needs to be loaded somehow.

This brings up the second part of a project... planning. Disposal of the spoil needs to be considered up front to save the extra work of handling the material multiple times. You worked hard to get it into a pile and now you're going to have to handle it all over again to get it loaded into something. So going forward think about the other steps in your project and what comes after them to minimize the handling of bulky, heavy materials.
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Not going to type it out as nice as Dixie did, but have soil hauled off sites quite regularly so did some round figures in my head and came up with something in the range of $2,000 as well. And I'm on commercial sites where access, staging areas, etc. are typically more open than residential. Such things vary depending on location, site access, etc., but I'd jump on the $630 and be happy about it.

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