DIY Firepit -- Scope Creep :)

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Question DIY Firepit -- Scope Creep :)

Hi all

So, the firepit is complete! LOVE the way it came out, and it certainly gets plenty of draft from below.

My 'scope creep' here is now I am thinking that I do not like grass right up to the firepit. Even with a spark screen, plenty of sparks escape and a couple landed in the grass and even started to smolder there-- I think I want a 'fireproof' area at least 3' around the pit.

Since I am thinking 3' around, why not more? Why not wide enough to accommodate seating as well?

I do not want to make 'a patio'-- that would require permits and possibly impact my taxes. I am thinking some kind of stone dust or gravel... Not exactly sure.

My question to the group: what materials should I consider?
My requirements are:
  • fire proof/resistant--so I dont have to worry as much about sparks flying
  • Will support chairs/benches so they wont sink in
  • Comfortable for walking on in sandals
  • Low/no maintenance

This it finished project, so far

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I would dig out the sod. Then install a good quality landscape edging, either plastic or steel at the edge of your excavation where it meets the lawn. Then I would fill the area with stone dust or decomposed granite. Those materials have bits about a quarter inch in size down to dust and pack down quite firmly. It's strong enough to support chairs with decent feet while the surface is still loose so you can rake it for a zen garden/patio if you want to impress your friends. The downside is that some material may stick to the bottom of your feet or shoes so a bit will get tracked out of your fire area but a few steps on the lawn will brush most of it off.

Avoid round or consistently sized material as they don't pack down and will always remain loose under foot. No pea gravel and no clean crushed stone/gravel or lava rock.
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I've got about a foot of river rock around my pit, nothing has ever caught fire and I think sitting in the grass is much more comfortable!
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thanks for the suggestions!

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