Grass from hell


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Grass from hell

There are light brown and yellow patches in the lawn. Upon close inspection, they appear to be a different kind of grass from the rest. This grass is very fine and dense; it is difficult to get a rake through it without pulling out some tufts. The lower portions brown and yellow when the rest of the lawn is still green. When the lawn is cut short, these patches really stand out. It is so dense and fine that it lays over even without being walked on. Almost like a mohair. It doesn't stand up nice for mowing and it crowds out everything else.

I can see where this might be considered desirable to some people; it is kind of luxurious. But these characteristics make it the grass from hell as far as I'm concerned. The rest of the lawn is wider blades, nowhere near as dense, stands up nicely, easy to mow.

My guess is that this happened when the yard was dug up for sewer connections and it was overseeded with an odd grass that doesn't match the rest of the lawn. I'm wondering what can be done. Roundup the whole lawn and sod it? It seems unlikely that you could dig out the patches without creating even more of an eyesore and maybe ending up with more grass that doesn't match.


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Keep in mind we don't know where you are located and can't see the grasses you're talking about so this is a bit of guesswork. I would spot treat the problem grass with RoundUp or any other glyphosate herbicide. After you are certain it's dead give the spot a thorough raking with a garden rake to loosen the top layer of soil and plant the type of grass you want.

It is getting late in much of the country for planting grass so some straw and regular watering will help. As we get into the hotter days of summer you may need to water those replanted spots since the roots won't be too deep and will suffer from the heat more than the rest of your lawn.
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Or if you want to shortcut the process, find a sod farm and buy a couple pieces of sod, try it out and see how it matches,
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I would start by asking some of your handier/greener thumb neighbors if they know what you have in your lawn.
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This almost sounds like Poa Annua (annual bluegrass) low growing and smooth enough to putt a golf ball on.(if you have an 11 bladed reel mower to cut it with) Your local golf course superintendent can verify it for you. If it is, you can encourage it and have a lawn you can practice your putting skills!
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