Replace Old Garden/Dirt With Little White Rocks?


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Replace Old Garden/Dirt With Little White Rocks?

Hi All,

For the past few years, we tried growing tomatoes and herbs right next to our house, between the house and some hardscape; even had a sprinkler head installed there. Nothing really grows well there, most likely because it just doesn't get enough sun. (Well, cherry tomato plants grew like crazy and would have lots of green tomatoes, but they would never ripen.)

So, we want to not do a garden there but still make it look presentable. Someone had mentioned using those little white decorative rocks/pebbles and to just cover the area with them. Is it really as simple as buying bags of those rocks/pebbles and coving the area of interest? Is there more to it? I am attaching a picture of the area I would like to cover with the rocks/pebbles.

Do I simply remove like 2" of dirt from between the house and the hardscape pavers and put down like 2" of those white rocks? Anything I need to be concerned about or consider? (I would have the sprinkler company cap off the sprinkler head.)

Thanks for any advice!

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First I would look at how the area is graded. You want water to flow away from the house. If you can dig out a couple inches of dirt and still have the water flow away from the house then I'd do that. If that 2" dig causes water to puddle next to the house I would not dig it out. I might install new edging to hold the pea gravel as it sits on top of the existing soil. Either way you can put down a layer of landscape fabric before the stone to help control weeds.
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In addition to what Pilot Dane said...

You mentioned white rocks that I interpreted to mean marble chips. And PD mentioned pea gravel.

There are many other types of landscape rocks that you might use: river rocks, gravel, crushed stone, lava rocks, small, medium, large, etc. Google "landscape rocks" for examples. The one you choose will make a big difference in how your project will look. Smaller chips, pebbles, pea stone, etc. will tend to migrate more. Larger stones will be harder to walk on.

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