Wide Bladed Grass that Grows in Clumps

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Wide Bladed Grass that Grows in Clumps

My lawn is surrounded by Homes that do not get a lot of care, especially for weeds. I fight the spread of encroching seeds with broad spectrum weed killer that works pretty well except on what we call here in Ohio, Quack Grass, or Goose Grass. Roundup is the weapon of choice for this but Although I should kill it all, I have managed to get most of it replaced at least in the front yard with a blue /fescue mix. This grass doesn't appear to spread into my neighbors weed filled lawns, just mine. (this stuff would be an improvement in their lawns lol)
Is there a method of dealing with this grass other than what I am doing now. (roundup)?
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Spot application of Roundup is pretty typical to get rid of clumps of unwanted turf. Lawn services do the same thing to get rid of unwanted grasses... because there aren't many herbicides that won't hurt your lawn that will also kill specific grasses.

It might help knock it back if you use Tenacity early in the year (max 3 applications per yr) but it's not the sort of chemical that you want to mix too strong or use when its hot or it will kill the lawn deader than a doorknob. But its not labeled to control quackgrass. A chemical called "Certainty" is... but only in warm season lawns. It will kill bluegrass.

My guess is that you might be dealing with a variety of tall fescue. See photos 8 & 9 at: https://ipm.missouri.edu/meg/2014/8/...those-fescues/

But if it's really quackgrass... https://turf.purdue.edu/quackgrass/

One of the main reasons those clump types of grass will excel when/where other cool season grasses won't is because tall fescue and Kentucky 33 fescue are very sun/drought resistant. So if it's a hot and sunny area, it will tend to take over and crowd out the bluegrass and fine fescues which are cooler grasses that prefer a little more shade, cool temps and more water.

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That explained a lot! I KNEW i had killed a lot of it in a certain area last year, but sprigs of it had popped back up in that same area this year, as per the note in your article about needing two or more applications. I am sure now that I also have some ot fhe Tall fescue you are alluding to in the article about that. Thanks for your reply!
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There are some selective herbicides but the key is identifying what grasses you want to keep which you want to get rid of. There are many websites & books that can walk you through the nuances of identifying grass species. Simply saying "wide bladed grass in clumps" isn't good enough but if you can actually identify the grasses your dealing with then you can determine if a herbicide like Q4 Plus or others will be helpful.
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Regardless of the species it's invasive. I have neighbors on either side of me that do nothing to their yards and I'm not a fanatic but I try to keep all those "unusual" grasses on their side of the property line.

To that I just walk the yard with a spray bottle with vegetation killer and give each plant a tiny shot, eventually it will kill the grass and in a couple weeks the dead spot has grown over, nothing scientific but simple.

Just recently I picked up a new bottle of weed killer (same exercise) that stated it killed crab grass. I have my doubts but tried it on a couple spots and it seems be working, the invasive grass is turning yellow but not getting the "dead" spot like when you use vegetation killer.

I'll check what product that is tonight!

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