Dandelion control

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Dandelion control

I just sprayed an application of liquid weed and feed to a half acre lawn with a significant amount of dandelions. I'm worried now that if I cut the grass without catching the clippings, all those dandelion seeds will spread, take hold, and sprout new weeds. Is this likely what will happen? If so, would it help if I applied a granular pre-emergent to the lawn, watered it in, then mowed a few days later so that when all these seeds drop they won't germinate and grow?

BTW, the herbicide I used was Gordon's 15-0-0 weed and feed.
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There is one chemical I don't know in that product but from the label it sounds like there is some pre-emergent affect. You might be protected against the dandelion seeds for the first few weeks. I would go ahead and use the product knowing that you'll get most of the weeds but you'll have some that might re-seed.

I would not try doing anything fancy with preemergents. Your compromising by using a weed and feed product as sometimes herbicides do better when applied at different times. Tying herbicide application to fertilizer application limits your options.

In northern VA, I'd get the product on the lawn as soon as possible, weather permitting. The south had a really warm February that got some weeds germinating very early so I think you need to get your herbicide out soon.
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I applied it yesterday afternoon. The sprayer I used didn't seem to saturate the ground very well, but the coverage agreed mostly with what the label said. I had planned on spreading a pre-emergent weed and feed granule this evening. Are you saying hold off? Maybe just do a round of fertilizer? I doubt the product I just laid did much as far as fertilization.

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Yellow dandelions do not spread seeds, only when they turn white (seed heads).

It's impossible to ever get every week with just a single application of weed killer, there will always be some that are in different stages.

Give the application some time, then get a spray bottle, fill with weed killer and take a walk around the yard hitting everything you can with one spray till the bottle is empty. Next week do the same, then the week after that.

By the end of the summer they will all be gone!

pre-emergent to the lawn
Pre emergence is for crab grass, it is the first application you put on the grass when the soil temps hit 55. Probably a bit too late for that now!
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If they are still yellow you are safe to mow without the catcher. At one time we had a fair share of dandelions in just part of our yard. Every day I would go out and dig up the ones that had yellow heads. I got them totally under control by doing that. There is a saying....."One years seed is seven years weed".

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