Chandelier with Fan


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Cool Chandelier with Fan

I have an old chandelier. MOst of the bulbs are not working and the sockets are bad so I decided to replace with a small one with a fan.
I know nothing about removing old and installing a new chandelier.
Could someone assist me with instruction on removing and installing chandelier
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The only complication I see might be heavy it is and how high up it is. It should come down just like any light fixture. It would be best to have a helper. Shut off the breaker to start (don't rely on the wall switch to shut off power). Disconnect whatever screws holds it to the ceiling and lower it slightly and gently. Your helper will make sure it doesn't fall. Carefully inspect and record and label the connections before disconnecting anything. The preceeding is the most important piece of advice in this whole post. If the two wires from the chandelier look identical, then look closer. One of them probably has a slight ridge on it. That ridge is important, so make sure you know which wire(s) in the ceiling was connected to that wire from the chandelier. There may be multiple wires coming from the chandelier connected to the same wire in the ceiling, perhaps one for each arm of the chandelier. That's okay. Only disconnect the minimum necessary to free it--don't just disconnect everything in the box.

Connect the new fixture to the same wires that the old fixture was connected to, leaving everything else alone. If the new fixture comes with separate wires for the light and fan, you will connect them both to the same place the black (or non-ribbed) wire from the old chandelier was connected to.

This is just general information, since I can't see either your old fixture or your new fixture to know the specifics.

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