Add switch to existing light


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Add switch to existing light

I have a spot light in the garden which switches on when there is a movement detected. This does not work anymore, so bought a new one. The current light is direct and has no switch. So with the new one I want to add a switch. So using that switch I can override the auto mode. I want to put the switch outside as the wire coming out at the fixture is all inside the wall and don't know where it goes inside. I can isolate the supply from the main consumer unit. I bought a weatherproof switch. But I am failing to understand the connections explained. The switch is called MK Electric 56400 outdoor lightswitch grey 57x95x95mm. Is it the right switch? Can someone please help me and explain how to connect this switch. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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So using that switch I can override the auto mode
Is this ability to override the auto mode a advertised feature of the light fixture? Were you intending to force it off when it would otherwise be on, or force it on when it otherwise would be off?

Did the switch come with any instructions? The advertisement for the swtich says, "Helpline instructions & number enclosed in packaging."

I am not familiar with this particular switch, but most switches install with two connections. You connect the two hot wires (one from each cable) to the switch, and then connect the two neutral wires to each other. Is there something more complicated about your setup?

In what country do you live?
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Thanks John.

Yes the auto mode can be overriden by stop and start of supply to the light. I want to use a switch so I don't have to switch off the supply from the consumer unit when I want to put it in manual mode.

The connections described in the manual that came with the switch are not that straight forward. At least I didn't follow them.

I live in Britain. After reading your post, I think I have done wrong connections. Let me explain:

The switch has two places to connect. One called L1 and other COM. Then there is a neon indicator provided. What I have done is: connected the both live to COM. Then Neutral to one end of neon indicator and other end of neon to COM. What this has made is switch doesn't function but light works. I mean when I switch it off the light still works. I think its because the other end of neon indicator is going in COM. If I connect neon indicator between the two neutral wires, I think it will work. I will do it in the morning tomorrow.

Thanks for your help. If I am wrong please let me know. I will check for your message before I start working on it tomorrow.

By the way what L1 is for?

Thanks very much for your advice.

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