Yet another ceiling fan/light replace with simple light fixture question

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Yet another ceiling fan/light replace with simple light fixture question

Ok, I just removed an old ceiling fan/light combo in my basement. The old hookup from fan to ceiling box was as follows: Black wire from fan hooked to bunch of 3 black wires in box; White wire from fan hooked to bunch of 4 white wires in box, Blue wire from fan hooked to seperate, single black wire in box. A switch on the wall controlled only the light on the fan (the blades were controlled by the fan's pull-chain). The wall switch had a single cable entering it, producing a single black and single white cable which are hooked to the switch. The switch is not a dimmer switch, and I've double checked it at another switch box to ensure it's not burned out.

So, I, like many other people here, decided I could hook up the new light fixture to the bunches of corresponding colors in the ceiling box- that is, the new fixture's black wire to the bunch of 3 blacks, and the white wire to the bunch of 4 whites, and just cap off the sole black wire and tuck it away. Of course, this led to my light being always on- no control from the wall switch. I assume that the single black wire must hook to the switch and control the power to the fixture somehow (like the red wire in other people's posts perhaps??)

After reading answers here to many simlair problems, I followed the same solution given and capped off the bunch of 3 blacks in the box, hooked the fixture's white wire to the bunch of 4 whites in the box, and hooked the fixture's black wire to the sinlge black wire in the box. No luck here, the fixture had no power, and switching the switch had no effect. Now I'm really stuck! I've checked for all the easy errors, like being sure the wall switch isn't burnt out, checking all the connections to be sure they're secure, and restesting the light fixture/bulb to be sure it's OK. Perhaps it has something to do with the black bunch having 3 wires and the white bunch having 4? If you have a solution, your help would be greatly appreciated- and thanks for reading this long question!
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The white wire from the cable with the single black wire should be connected the bunch of black wires. That is the power wire to the switch. The black is the switched power wire from the switch. Did you move the white wire thinking all whites need to be together?
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Thanks SO much for that quick response joed. I was up to 2am last night trying to figure the frustrating problem out. Apparently, according to my wife, I was even having coherent conversations about it with some invisible person in my sleep! Anyhow, got up this morning, followed your advice, and, sure enough, the light/switch works great... can't believe I mixed that wire up, I thought I had kept track of them all... of course everyone thinks that. Chalk another one up to a stupid mistake!! Thanks again for your help !

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