Wiring Ceiling Fan w/ Light Fixture and Remote


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Wiring Ceiling Fan w/ Light Fixture and Remote

I am installing a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with light kit and remote control and have run into a wiring issue. The house is prewired for the fan and light and there are two wall switches - one for the fan, one for the light. Since the fan came with a remote, I would like to install the receiver as well. This is where I run into a problem. There are 4 wires extending from the ceiling (red, black, white and green). There are 2 "input" wires into the receiver (black and white). There are 3 "output" wires extending from the receiver (black, white and blue). There are 4 wires extending from the fan/light (black, white, blue and green. I connected the ground green wire from the ceiling to the green wire from the fan. Also, I connected the black, white and blue wires extending from the receiver (the "output" wires) to their counterparts extending from the fan/light. Now, I am left with a black, white and red wire extending from the ceiling and only a black and white wire going into the receiver. At the direction of the Home Depot electrical assistant, I connected the red and black wires from the house to the black wire into the receiver and the white to the white. Otherwise, I followed the fan/light installation instructions. The fixture still does not work. Any other suggestions?
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Did you set the correct code on the receiver and transmitter? Are the wall switches on? Is the pull chain for the fan or light working?

If not temporarily remove the remote and see if the fan and light will work.
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I double checked that the code for the receiver and remote are both set the same (each has 4 dip switches). I will try re-wiring the fan to bypass the remote/receiver to see it that works.

A quick question about the wall switches - do they need to be in the "on" position when I shut off power to the room to wire the fan and turn it back on? I did not leave them on (b/c the instructions made no mention of doing so). They are on now, and the fan and light do not work. Please let me know if this is the problem before I go tearing too much apart.
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Yes, the wall switches must be on for the fan to work (well, actually, since you connected the red and black together at the ceiling, then you only need either one of the two switches to be on). But they don't need to be on at the time you turn the breaker back on. They can be turned on after you turn the breaker back on.

Does your fan have pull chains? Did you make sure that they were on?

Does neither the fan motor nor the fan light work?

Everything else sounds good.
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The wall switches were definitely on - truned on after switching the breaker back on.

The fan does not have pull chains (actually, it was advertised as not needing them since it came with a remote).

Neither the fan motor nor the light works. Thank you for your help.
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Here's how I suggest you proceed:
  1. Get out the ladder again. Shut off the breaker and lower the bell so that you can see the connections. Check them all to see if they are secure.
  2. Remove the wire nuts so that you can use a $2 neon circuit tester to test for voltage between the ceiling black/red wires and the white wire. Be careful. This test must be conducted with the breaker and wall switch on.
  3. If you find voltage there, and the connections are all good, then try bypassing the remote receiver unit.
  4. If the fan works with the remote receiver bypassed, and you double-checked that the codes match, then return the remote to the store for exchange.
  5. If you found voltage there and bypassing the remove receiver did not help, then return the whole fan for exchange.
  6. If you did not find voltage, then check the wiring in the switch box, especially if you ever touched it during the project. See if all the connections are proper and good. If nothing has ever been installed on the ceiling, it's possible that the switches were never connected in the first place. Test for voltage between the black and white wires of the black/white/bare cable (the power feed).
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Thanks again for your help.

As it turns out, the receiver was defective. As you suggested, I bypassed the receiver entirely to find that the light and fan worked as they should. So, I took another receiver/remote from elsewhere in the house and wired the receiver in to find that it worked as advertised.

I greatly appreciate your service.

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