3-way lamp fixture/bulbs bad?


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3-way lamp fixture/bulbs bad?

We have a pair of floor lamps that have three way fixtures. We use long life bulbs from GE, Sylvania, Tungsram, and whomever. We've had to replace the the fixtures several times, getting the units from Lowes, Hader, and Home Depot. Still the same problem. After a few weeks, one level of the bulb burns out, then the second, but never all three. Is it the bulbs or is it the fixtures?
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Unhappy Same Problem

I have the very same experience with 3-way bulbs, except they usually last longer than a few weeks. But still the upper and lower ends burn out and the middle one keeps on working. One-way bulbs seem to last much much much longer.

Strange thing is, I've been having problems with 3-way fluorescent bulbs too. Except these just turn off all of a sudden. And then they might come back on again for a minute or so and then turn off again. Again, it only happens with the 3-ways.

Would really like to hear any theories...
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Three way bulbs have two filaments. The lowest wattage and the middle wattage. The highest wattage is both of them turned on together. When you lose either of the filaments, you lose the lower OR middle wattage plus the highest wattage.
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Also with some 3 way light socket the concat can get goofy when it get warm up i did see it happend but it can be tricky to fix it .

it is not the same way as single 'way' socket is and what happend when it get warm up the concat in the shell it will expand a little and the brass concat for bottom of the bulb base it can get loosen up the middle one useally be the first conact then there is a ring or tab that for other concat to change the wattage on the bulb itself.

i have a tablelamp 3 way with compact floursecent in there for almost 6 years and havent burn out yet and what i did i have to wiggle the concant a little to make sure it have good concat

this what my trick do is turn in the bulb allway to you feel snug or stop then unscrew a quarter to half turn out then back in again that useally lock in pretty good but do not overtighten the bulb or CFL base

but for floor lamp they can be sensitve with viberation they can burn out fast also some floor lamp just dont have much opening to keep the base cool because some of the 3 way bulbs were forced to burn in horzontal or base up which it will kill it more faster [ i did see it happend ]

i dont know if your voltage in your place is little high if your bulb label say 120 volts if you are getting like 125 -130 volts that can speed up the burn out on the bulbs i think some store may stock 130 volts 3 way but i think it kinda like rare as hen's teeth IMO

try this suggest if that dont work post it back here maybe we can try diffrent way

Merci , Marc
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