Replacing 3-way lamp socket


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Red face Replacing 3-way lamp socket

The switch on my wife's favorite lamp broke recently, turns but doesn't turn on. I removed the old and puchased a replacement socket but of course the connections are not identical. The old socket had silver, solder?, on the end of the copper wires and they rested on two contacts inside the socket. The new socket has two screw-in connections, one silver and one copper. I attached the copper, unfortunately minus the silver ends as I cut the wires beforehand, nuetral (the one with the wide blade on the plug right?) to the copper contact and the hot (skinny plug blade?) to the silver contact. The lamp seems to work fine and what I'm really looking for is some piece of mind. I'm hoping that someone can tell me that I did what I was supposed to and that I haven't endangered my family by creating a fire hazard.

thanks for your time!

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Fire hazard? No (well, that actually depends on the quality of work you did). Shock hazard? Yes.

If you hooked it up backwards, the neutral side of the lamp holder (the part that has the threads for the build to screw into) will be hot, and the hot side (the gold part at the bottom) will be neutral. In some lamp holders the part with the threads isnít totally covered when a build is installed, so it would be really easy for someone to zap themselves reaching for the switch!

So you might want to switch those wires around, because the hot wire (the narrow blade) always goes to gold. But if you can't see the threaded silver part when a bulb is installed, I wouldn't worry about it.
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Red face

Thanks a bunch, I did do it backwards and your explaination makes that all to clear. Had I engaged the cranium, put 2 and 2 together, I might have recognized the connection between the silver contact and the silver base that the bulb screws into. None of the silver is visible when everything is put together but since the lamp is in the family room and used by my wife and young children, I will be rewiring tonight. Thanks again for pointing out my mistake and helping me to keep my loved ones from being injured or so traumatized that they'd never touch a lamp switch again

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