(Ceiling Fan) remote & transmitter problems!


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Angry (Ceiling Fan) remote & transmitter problems!


We recently received(2 - 3 months ago) a fan that is controlled by a remote control. It worked for a day. I went back and purchased a voltage detecter to make sure that the fan was getting power. After I confrimed that it was, I then went back to get a replacement remote and transmitter. After I replaced that it worked for about 2 months. We did not use it much. However now that it is getting warmer we tried to use it again and it no longer works. It seems that the remote and transmitter are broken again. The first replacement was in a seperate package that the guy gave us. At this point I am not sure how to resolve this. I doubt I can just keep going back every other month to get a new one, nor do I want to.
Has anyone had problems like this before? We do not even have the receipt because it was a gift. Could there be something wrong with our electrical that is causing the transmitters to short?

Getting frustrated!


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Did you wire the fan/transmitter with power at the box? Most manufacturers want their products to be wired with circuit off.This isn't for you safety but so you don't fry their transmitters.
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You have, of course, tried new batteries in the remote, correct?
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I did not know that anyone had replied to this posting because it is supposed to email me when some one does.


I guess my origianl message was edited which I don't understand... I included the name of the manufacturer of the fan so that anyone who read the post might be able to relate to the fact that it has also happened to their fan, which could be the same brand. But, that idea will not work now.

Anyway again,

Thanks for replying.
I am not sure if I understand the first question.

Here is the situation:

We took down a ceiling fan that did not have a light. It had one switch(that I know of!) and when you flipped it on, the fan turned on if it was in the on setting (pulling chain).

We took down the old fan and put up the new fan. The new fan has a light, and a remote that allows you to turn on the light and adjust the speed. The light can be dimmed by holding the button down on the remote. If you turn the switch off on the wall, you can no longer operate the fan with the remote. The switch must be on. Makes sense right?!
We recently called the manufacturer of the fan(I better not say because someone might actually be able to tell me some information about it), and they sent us a new receiver. I removed the old receiver and replaced it with the one they sent us. It has been up and running for 2 days. Hopefully it will keep running for many years!

As for the second question, yes we have checked the batteries many times and they are in working order.

If you have any thoughts on this let me know....


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Hope it works for you....the reason they edited your comments I think were because you used a manufacturer and then made comments about them when in actually terms the manufacturer may have nothing to do with the problem and thus it is not fair to defame them as knowing the brand would probably not assist us much...trust me I do this for a living...lol

As for the remotes and transmitters....they can be bad...I have seen it before so you did about all you could do....narrow it down and try and try again as it is frustrating but persistance does pay off in the end and you actually learn something in the process.

On the wiring...I have actually seen people wire the transmitter in wrong and burn them up this way....important that the wiring was done with in regards to the blue wire from the fan which is for the light kit and so on and nothing wired up backwards...again seen it before on service calls....

But it sounds like you have it going.....if you have the problem again just post again and let us know the wiring you are working with and the model transmitter you have and we will try to assist you...

Funny story...I did our remote control on our ceiling fans in my house then my neighbor asked me to install theirs...same brand...well being funny natured as I am and them knowing i was an electrician they again asked me to do them......So......I wired them.....tehhehehehe...Ok the funny part is they ended up selling the house.......to a REAL PAIN in the butt neighbor who is a real...well I wont go into it......so I pulled my fan down and set the code to the one I put theirs on.....now I CONTROL their lights...tehehe and fan....ok.I am not mean...but it is funny to hear them think their house is haunted....thehehehehehehe
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Thanks for replying. I will post again if I have anymore problems. The fan seems to be working now. However it is very tempermental. If I don't pont the remote at it just right when trying to turn it off, it sometimes stays on, or even comes back on without me pressing buttons. I have turned it off a few times before going to work only to have my girlfriend tell me that I left the fan and the light on all day. So now I just turn the fan off with the switch on the wall.

That is a funny story, I am waondering if I am having the same problem now!



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