$200 each install recessed lights ?


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$200 each install recessed lights ?

New townhome and builder wants $200 for each recessed light. Model home has 5 in kitchen, 3 dining, 3 in flex room and we want the same.

Selling agent says it's expensive and I can get cheaper elsewhere. Is he being honest or is he just bad at sales ?

I've tried calling local electricians but they won't quote prices until they see the place.

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You're caught between a rock and a hard place. $200 per fixture is probably overpriced for new construction. But it's still better than waiting until after the construction is complete. I think you're stuck. Pay it.

If you haven't already signed the contract for the house, you might be able to bargain a lesser price. But it's too late if you've already signed.
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Just my guess before drywalling

More or less $$
11 recessed lights $20.00 each = $220
11 Trim's for lights $10.00 = $110
Wire =$20.00
11 Bulbs =$31.00
permit $70.00 ?

Total $451.00 just for parts.
4 hours x $65 = $260 Labor

Make it $1,000 total for the electrician
Then the builder wants his $1,000

Sounds Hi
You need to know what type of fixtures your going to get for your money.

Sometimes you just can't Win.
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A bargain. In NJ, K. Hovnanian is charging $400/light, and the walls are opened already, so they are making a KILLING (not from me, though!).
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My neighbor just added 4 recessed lights two weeks ago. I was told the guy who installed it charged him $80 each. I dont know if that amount included material or just for labor. Could be just labor $$
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Hmmm....Here is how we price them....

Recess Lights Cost(per can) + 35%
Recess Trims Cost (per trim) + 35%
Recess Bulbs Cost (per bulb) + 35%
Romex Wire Cost ( .25 per foot ) + 35%
Labor Charge $ 48.00 hr
Estimate- New Open Construction ( 35 Minutes per lamp )
Add 8% Overhead Fee on total job

This is how we price this for a new construction for this...now it changes when it is adding recesses where we have th cut the sheetrock and so on...

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