-CeilingFan+TrackLight=Xtra Wire no Power

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-CeilingFan+TrackLight=Xtra Wire no Power

I'm in the USA. I replaced my ceiling fan/light with a FXLighting Track.

From the ceiling are 4 wires (black, white, blue, & the green one which is wrapped around a screw).

From the FXLighting Track are 3 wires (black, white, & green).

A friend had initially installed it for me, but we had no succese because when I turned the light switch it blew the breaker.
At that time I believe he had blck=blck, white=white, blue=green. And he had completely detatched the green ground that was wrapped around the screw from ceiling.
2nd time he attached the green back to screw... green=green, blck=blck, wht=wht and capped blue w/tape. nothing
3rd time green=green, wht=wht, blue=blck, and capped black (ceiling) with tape. nothing
4th time and 2 weeks later so I'm a try to fix it. I'm going to try grn=grn, wht=wht, blck=blck and cap blue w/tape. Honestly I think he may had tried this allready.
I'll post soon as I get up there and see what I can do. Please help me. Thank you.
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