What Type of Bulb is This?


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What Type of Bulb is This?


This bulb came with the house. It recently burnt out and im having a problem replacing it. Its a "dusk to dawn" type of light bulb. The LIGHT BULB shuts itself off and turns itself back on with the coming and going of the sun. I have NEVER seen a light bulb like this and niether has anyone else ove talked to.

Can anyone tell me what this might be called and where i can get one? Thanks

Picture: http://www.geocities.com/americanmadeford/light1.JPG
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If it really is what you say it is, I have never seen one either. I don't think however, that it shuts it self off and turns itself on. I suspect there is something else in the fixture that makes it do that.

What I see is a pretty typical HID lamp. The trick will be to figure out the type (metal halide, high pressure sodium or mercury vapor) and the wattage. It's shaped like a typical metal halide or mercury lamp. When it was working, what color was the light? Was it real green and did it fail a little at a time - getting dimmer and dimmer until it would no longer work? Was it pinkish and it failed all at once? Or was it yellow and it cycled on and off al night until it finally failed completely? How old is the fixture?

What does the fixture look like? Is it one of those that is shaped something like a street light (with an arching arm) and is sold at home centers? If it is, it's probably a 175 watt mercury vapor lamp - most of them are. There is a screw on photocell on the top of the fixture that makes it turn on and off. If it's one of those, replace the whole fixture - the lamp, the photocell and/or the ballast all cost more than the whole fixture costs with lamp, and any one of the three could be bad.

Something else? That type of lamp requires a ballast - open up the fixture and see if you can see any writing on it to indicate what sort of lamp it is for.

A picture of the fixture would help.
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Ok. Ill get a picture of the fixture when the sun comes up.

Im not sure how it failed, or how long ago i was. I looked out my window the other day and wondered why my backyard was so dark

I looked at the fixture, and i dont see anything in between the socket and the wiring. Thats why i assumed its the bulb thats light sensative.

Anyway, illl get a picture up soon.



Yup, yer right. Thar it be. Light sensor sittin right on top of the dome. Not sure how I missed that...

Heres the picture:


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The bulb you have may be mercury vapor or metal halide. If it came out of D to D fixture bought at a home center then its probably 175 watt.As was stated the lamp wattage/ type may be on the ballast or on the base where the glass meets the base.A good supply house should have the bulb you need,take it with you to get a match.Just to let you know it may be the photocell {costs about $15} or the ballast.If it is the ballast it will be cheaper & alot less aggrevation to replace the fixture
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Yup - that's what I thought it was.

Best to change the whole thing - the last time I checked Home Depot they were less than $20 - photocell and all.

While you are at it, better clean up that wiring. Those loose wires and open splices are a definite hazard, and it doesn't look like the fixture is grounded.
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