12V Recessed Lighting Transformer Question


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12V Recessed Lighting Transformer Question


We want to add 4 can lights in our living room. We'd put it on a new circuit. As I understand, each housing comes with an own 120V-12V transformer. Is there a way I could use only one transformer for the 4 lights and then have only 12V on the cable going to the other three lights? Having 4 transformer sounds like an overkill to me.


P.S.: I read that there is 120V recessed light but the bulbs would not be that good. Does anyone of you have any experience with that?
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I'm not a big fan of low voltage. Line voltage fixtures would be easier to install. Take a look at line-voltage fixtures in your friends' homes and see if you think they will do for you.

The problem with one transformer is that it would need to be able to handle a lot more power. With four transformers, you split up the load and each transformer can be smaller and cooler.
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You would need to get a system designed and listed for installation that way.
If the lights you have use individual transformers, you need to install them that way.

Another argument for individual transformers, is that the longer run of LV wire would drop the voltage more (percentagewise) than if you kept it at 120V.
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thanks guys!

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