Warm Fluorescents Anywhere?

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Warm Fluorescents Anywhere?

I must say that I am one of those people who absolutely cannot stand normal fluorescent "tube" lighting. To me, it is a very cold, blue environment. My question to everyone is........is there a fluorescent that has any degree of yellow tones in it whatsoever? I'm looking for something more similar to the actual sunlight tones. Recently, a contractor installed some tubes in our kitchen and proclaimed that it was "supposed to be just like sunlight". These were called Sunshine 40, and states "bright, noonday light" right below the title. Much to my disappointment, I couldn't really tell any difference between these and the usual tubes you find.
So, are there any "warm toned" tubes out there? Please let me know what they are if they exist at all.
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Please let me know what they are if they exist at all.

Lots of different ones.

The one most commonly available at home centers is a "warm white" lamp that looks somewhat "pink". They tend to wash out blues and emphasize red tones. If you want a war tone, this is the lamp for you. Most home centers also carry "K&B (Kitchen and Bath") lamps that are similar to the high-end specialty lamps as far as color rendering goes - not as pink as warm whites but not the cool blue, either.

From there you move to commercial lamps. Commercial lamps are rated in two areas, color temperature and CRI.

Color temp is rated in "Kelvin" - the lower the number, the pinker the light. "Warm white" lamps are about 3000 Kelvin while "cool white lamps are generally around 4100 Kelvin. Designer lamps tend to run around 3500 Kelvin.

CRI = Color rendering index. The higher the better. Most lamps are around 70. Lamps with CRI's of 80 and 85 are readily available and there are currently lamps out there in the CRI 90 range but they are $ and not easy to find.

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