How do you balance ceiling fan?


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How do you balance ceiling fan?

Celing fan out of balance, very wobbly. How do I place weights to get into balance?

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You can purchase ceiling fan weights to compensate for weight differences of blades, but this is likely not your problem. Check your fan blades to see if they are warped, which is usually the cause of severe wobbling. If so, you may be able to replace the blades. Check to see if the hanging system and fan blade screws are secure. If blades are not warped, measure from the tip of each blade to see if each is the same distance from the ceiling. Blades may have to be removed and stacked on top of each other to make sure all blade arms are the same and lightly bent to adjust any difference. While blades are off the fan, run the fan to see if it wobbles. If it does not, then the issue is with the blades.
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But what if...

But what if the fan housing is tight, the blades are not out of whack, but it still wobbles?

I've seen other suggestions about balancing blades, but never HOW to balance blades? Is there a blade scale out there? How does one accomplish the task?

I've heard mentioned that one blade may have lost enough moisture to change the weight or perhaps a previous painting did the mis-balance act. Still, how does one balance the blades?
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This info might help you:

I saw all sorts of information if you google "how to balance ceiling fan"

Hope that helps.
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counterbalancing fan blades

To counterbalance effectively, you need to know which blade(s) are heavier. They will be the one(s) that pull the fan to the side as it turns. To find out which is which, take a small piece (2-3" long) of brightly colored plastic tape and put it on the very end of the blade where you can see it. Run the fan. If the white is farther out than the blades, you chose the culprit. If not, or if there is a white and a brown at the same distance out, add tape to the blade on either side of your original choice, one at a time. In other words find the heavy blade.

You can weigh the blades and brackets. That will give you a rough idea of the condition of the blades. Second, you can use small weights (a nickle is a good one) taped to the top of the blade to act as a counterbalance.

Install the nickle on top of the LIGHTEST blade(s) 1/2 way out the blade(s) and try the fan. If the wobble is worse, move it in toward the fan; better, move it out; stopped - leave it there.

Don't forget that the wobble can be caused by a defective mounting ring (broken or damaged).

Sometimes a balance job on fan blades is best done by replacing the fan.
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Balancing a fan

Buy a bunch of wood clothes pins. Clip a pin on the end of any blade and turn on the fan [medium speed] and remove any antiques or your wife's mother's china from the room. It has to make it worse or better. If it makes it better, add another or clip the one on the edge of the blade closer to the hub, or try one on a blade that's adjacent to it; If it's worse, clip them on the opposite blade, If you have five blades, divide them between the two opposite blades.

Play around until it balances with as few pins attached as possible. If you're lucky it will narrow down to one blade only, or at least you'll know which side needs weight. If it takes just a touch, tape a quarter or two to the blade, playing with its distance from the hub. Maybe a row of pennies held with a drop of superglue will be the final answer.
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The quickest way to balance a ceiling fan is to use a balancing kit that can be purchased at stores like Home Depot or Lowes.
These kits contain small flat lead weight with sticky tape and a clip that is used to find out which blade or blades need to be balanced.

Warning: Balancing a ceiling fan takes some patience.

First take the clip and attach it to any blade, in the middle of the blade on the trailing (back) edge of the blade. Turn the fan on high and note wobble.
Repeat this procedure on each blade of the fan until you locate the blade on which the clip helps diminish the wobble.

Once you have located this blade, you will now move the clip outward on the blade in small increments to determine where the weight will need to be placed on the blade.

Once you have located where on the blade the weight needs to be placed, you can begin placing the sticky taped weights. Place these weights on the top face of the blade in the center from front to back in the location you determined best with the clip. Place small amounts of weight each time as it is always easier to add more weights than it is to remove weights.

Remember: Balancing of a ceiling fan should only be for slight wobbles. Anytime you have a pronounced wobble or sway, it is an indication that a blade or blade arm is out of line. At that point you need to replace all of the blades and or blade arms.

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