ceiling fan odor and solid state control


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ceiling fan odor and solid state control

Two different questions really:

1) Bought and installed a new Hunter Type 2 fan. The body of the fan is entirely made of plastic. When the fan is on it has a weird smell, seems like maybe offgassing of the plastic. It's not strong, but it's there. The fan was installed two days ago. It's not a burning smell. The smell is more pronounced when the fan is turning. Anyone seem or smelled this before?

2) The hunter manual, in fact all hunter manuals, state not to use 'solid state' controls with their fans, to minimize the risk of shock or fire. Could someone please explain was 'solid state' controls are, and how they could be linked to shock or fire? Thanks!
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fan control no-no

Can't say anything about the odor, but where solid-state controls for fans are concerned, the fan you have has a motor not designed for variable line voltage. Chances are that the motor would seriously overheat if a control (comparable to a light dimmer) was used. These controls alter the power waveshape, which can cause dc saturation of the motor windings.

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