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Question ceiling fan/light switch

I have a ceiling fan/ light switch with 4 wires one yellow for the fan, one red for the light, black for hot, green for ground. the wiring coming out of the wall has 4 wires also one black wire by it's self, then 3 wires together one white,one black and one copper. right now the white and red wires,the yellow and single black wire, the black and black wire are connected. when i want to run the fan i need the light on. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks.
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What you are describing does not make sense.

Where are you from and why do you think the fan/light wiring is as you describe?
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Red face honeywell ceiling fan/light switch with remote

I have a ceiling fan with a light fixture, and the wall switch has quit working. The switch is a honeywell model UC 9150. Having a terrible time finding a replacement for this switch, There is a remote control that activates the 3 speed ceiling fan and light, which works OK. Honeywell tells me to go to contractors to get this switch, Another time, Honeywell told me that this switch has been discontinued, and could I describe the switch so he could figure out which new switch number replaces. Based on my description (five buttons; light, fan off, high, medium, and low, plus an on/off switch at the bottom, and two wires coming out in the back) he said the new replacement must be Model number FC 9060. I don't have much confidence in Honeywell, so am asking for advice.
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Can you make one more pass at describing the wiring in the switch box? I cannot parse what you said earlier.

Note that there are various switches which would probably work. Hunter makes one that will probably be perfect and it is easy to find almost anywhere. But give us clearer information about the wiring so that we can help you select and connect the correct one.
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Honeywell Fan controler

I too have the same controller that is not working, but in my case neither the fan nor the light works any longer. Let me see if I can supply the pertinent information for this beast.

120V fan and light combo that works from a simple 2 wire 120v to the fan assembly (black and white, fed from a wall switch). Light assm is 4 incandescent bulbs, not that it matters ;-).

The wall switch is replaced with a 5 button unit. The top button is LIGHT, and if you hold the button depressed, it will dim the lights to low, and then back to high. The other four buttons control the fan, FAN OFF, HIGH, MED, and LOW.
At the bottom of the switch is a slider bar, that is labeled OFF on the left , ON on the right. This switch unit is a Honeywell Model UC-9150. Two wires exit the switch. One is Power in, and the other goes to the fan assm. Obviously the white nuetral is also fed to the fan assm.
With the slider switch off, no voltage is present on the To Fan lead. With the slider switch ON, 120v is present going to the fan assm.

Inside the Fan motor housing is a receiving unit, Honeywell model 9050RS. There is also the following numbers on the housing 4.5/280 and 6+5/250. This unit accepts the black 120v feed in, and then has wires going to the fan motor and the light assm. There is a 4 switch switch box on the sending and receiving units (encoding switches?).

Originally, I was thinking that the wall unit was sending some sort of signal, via the 120v line, to the fan assm. However, I suppose it is also possible that the unit(s) are really transmitter/receiver combinations using radio frequency? Is that more likely?

I'm familiar with some TTL components, but am very weak in analog circuitry.
Having said all this, I am sure the fan motor is fine. I am doubting that I will be able to replace the faulty component here, but I would be wiling to put a new transmitter/receiver combo in the fan, if that is what they really are. I can be pretty creative, so I don't need direct fit replacements.
I'm guessing there are after market solutions, if I only knew where to look.
I am interested in knowing how the current setup works(ed) and any suggestions for next steps.
|edit: I assume the unit in the fan assm also controlled the speed setting of the fan, so I would need a unit that has that functionality, or suggestions for creating my own speed control............... The things we do to save $30 .....
|| edit: I googled Hunter Fan Control and found the Hunter 27189, which is almost identical to what I just described here. First price found is $49 so pricey, but fits the bill, IF it will drive the fan speed changes since the original control unit will no longer be in the fan...............

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Does Honeywell still make ceiling fans? I am unable to find any info and I too have one with a fancy switch that is going bad.

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