Replace recessed fixture with C. Fan


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Replace recessed fixture with C. Fan

We have the square recessed lights (8.5" hole, 9.5" ext. cover) and need to remove them and install ceiling fans. I have replace plenty of regular lights, but am unfamiliar with recessed fixtures and wonder what I should expect when I take them out.

Will I need to install a brace for the fan, or will the electrical box that is there likely (assuming it was installed correctly) be sufficient? And if I do need to install a brace, will that involve cutting into the ceiling, or are braces generally designed to avoid extra cutting? Thanks!
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i'm facing a similar situation. we have an old ceiling fan that we're replacing with a new one. the existing outlet box is attached on one side to a wooden support brace. there are no screws securing the outlet box on the top or any of the other sides of the box.

however, the new fan (hunter #21301 cape brenton) has a checklist to ensure that an installation site is safe and acceptable. one of the requirements is that there be a fan support system. according to the manual for installing a fan support system, there should be a support brace or joist. it doesn't look like i have a support system, so does this mean i will need to install a support system myself (which sounds like quite a bit of work), or is there an easier way of installing a fan, considering the fact that i had a fan up there previously?

i hope this isn't the case, but might it be recommended that i find a fan that has a different requirement for a support system?

thanks in advance...
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hello all,

they make recessed light to standard fixture installation kits.
go to your local home improvement store and they might carry it.
If not, check online because i've seen advertisements for them and
people have had this situation dealing with them as well.

I am not totally sure what steps you will need to take/do but that
is why they make those kits and i'm definitely sure they are out there.

They might be called "recessed light to ceiling fan kits" or
"recessed can/light conversion kit."

Good luck, have a great day!
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The existing recessed box will not be strong enough to support a ceiling fan. Do not use a conversion kit. You must remove the existing square box. It is almost certainly nailed to the side of a joist, so you should be able to pry it away. A fan brace kit only cost $20 and easily installs from below in just a few minutes with no cutting involved. The only problem left will be that you have a larger hole in the ceiling than you need. You can solve this either with a drywall patch, or a medallion available in the fan section of your home center.
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Sounds pretty straightforward. Thanks for the help!
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