T-8 vs T-12 flourescent, what's the advantage


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T-8 vs T-12 flourescent, what's the advantage

I'm about to purchase flourescent troffers for suspended ceiling in basement. Any advantages or disadvantages in getting either the T-8 lights or the T-12 lights???? Couldn't find help in Home Depot and Lowes didn't know the difference. Any help would be appreciated.
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T8s are more energy efficient and tend to last longer.A 32 watt t8 will match the light output from a 34 watt t12. I know there's a difference in the amount of power the ballasts use as well but I don't know the specifics there. T8 bulbs are Usually rated for 20,000 to 30,000 hours while a T12 will be about 12,000. You do need to burn in T8s for 24 hours to maximize the lifespan, just leave them on for 24 hours after you install them. I prefer T8s over T12s, mainly because they last longer.
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Normally the T-8 useally come with electronic ballast and most of the T-12 used old mangatic but few allready switch over to electronic ballast

the reall cost diffrence between the two is getting smaller nowdays due the T-8 electronic units is popoular nowdays.

i will give you quick bulb lumines [ brightness ]

typically 40 watt T-12 useally run 2800-3200 it will depending on type of ballast and colour type it will change a bit and typically most common run from 12,000 to 20,000 hours

typical 32 watts T-8 useally run 2800-3000 lumines and the life useally over 18,000 and plus some did lised long as 36,000 hours

Keep in your mind if you understand if the bulb stay on more than 3 hours the life of the bulb will really extend life much longer but if on and off average a hour or so you may only get half life out of them

also with electronic ballast they virtally very quiet you dont heard any buzzing noise at all.

majorty of my commercal work i done so far most used T-8 now days but very soon may change again i did ran few with T-5 that is diffrent story i will leave this part out for now until they get common for resdentail useage

also you have to watch out the label if you want cool white or warm white or other you have to read the label very carefully to get the correct one most big box store will carry useally two diffrent verison but once a while three or more depending on what they stock it.

the last thing let you know the T-12 is useally wired for rapid start which it mean if one of the two bulb burn out or removed it will make the light go out or can affect the ballast

the T-8 is wired either way rapid start or instat start [ i like the instat start better ] most instat useally wired in parallel which it mean if one bulb go out other stay on until other burn out etc etc and also rapid start [ see above ]

also watch the voltage as well some big box store will stock both 120 or 277 volts so just want to head up with it so watch the package label and make sure you get 120 volt verson for your home.
The 277 volt verison is useally reserved for commercal/ industrail location

if more question please do post in this form thanks

Merci , Marc
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