Recessed lighting in a sloped ceiling with an added twist


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Recessed lighting in a sloped ceiling with an added twist

So we just got done installing recessed lighting in another room and it was a fairly easy job. Flat ceiling, remodel cans, ran a line from the breaker box, no real problems, looks great.

So the next project is possibly installing recessed lighting in another room where there are sloped ceilings on both sides of the room.

Thinking this may be a little more difficult, I contacted an electrician to see what he would charge to do the work. He told me on the phone that they would have to cut out big chunks of the ceiling drywall and then re-drywall the ceiling. It was almost like he was talking about installing new construction cans as opposed to remodel cans. Having done some research, I read about people installing remodel sloped cans where the only holes in the roof were the can holes and maybe some guide holes to fish wire through the ceiling.

So I am kind of in a bind as to what to do. First, is the job really that much more difficult given the vaulted ceiling as opposed to the flat ceiling we did in the other room. Two, is what the electrician saying true about having to cut large holes in the ceiling that will require me to bring in a drywall guy to basically replace large chunks of the ceiling?

On top of that, what should I be looking out for in terms of the cans? Anyone have any models or brands in mind that would work well?

Oh and the added twist......... the ceiling is popcorned. Don't ask. I just bought the house and the previous owner popcorned the ceiling. I thought about taking it out but the room is so large and the job would be so labor intensive, I am seeing if it is possible to get this job done without removing the popcorn. For the record, the other room where we did install lighting also had popcorn but I found this popcorn patch stuff at Home Depot that helped me cover up the few guide holes we created.

Thanks in advance for any insights!
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I don't see any reason way they would be more difficult than the ones you already installed. If you have access from above, should be a snap. Just a bit more difficult in the attic working on an angle but some cross braces and a kneeling board should resolve that. Get recess cans with eyeballs so you can aim them down as opposed to an angle.
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Unless you have some special circumstances, I see no reason why you would have to remove more drywall than the 6" circle. And with a popcorn ceiling, you don't want to either because it will be difficult to match.

You probably cannot get access from above because there likely isn't room. But that shouldn't be a problem if you are installing a remodel can.

There is likely insulation to deal with, which will make fishing the wire a bit more difficult. But this should be feasible with some electrical fish tape.

Every situation is different and an on-site evaluation needs to be done to determine what special difficulties you may encounter.

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