Track Lighting through Ceiling fan


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Track Lighting through Ceiling fan

I need help with the following "seemingly" simple project.

I have just recently installed a track lighting to accentuate one wall in my bedroom. The wiring for that track lighting is coming through the ceiling fan as there is no other source on the ceiling. I was able to hook it up and get it running but here is the dilemma - I only got it to work where it comes on to the full power when I switch my fan on "high" mode using my remote. The lights on the fan are on dimmer and work just fine.

I would ideally like for the track lighting to come on through the light dimmer switch and the fan be independent.

When I tried doing that using the following configuration

(Fan has - 1 black, 1 white, 1 ground/green, 1 blue/says for lighting section
Track lighting has - 1 black, 1 white, 1 ground)

white from track lighting to blue from fan.
white from fan to white from outlet
all blacks together
grounds to ground

Nothing worked except the fan.

When I tried the following:

all whites and blue together
all blacks together
grounds to ground

The circuit breaker popped.

Now I have the whites from fan and track lighting to white on outlet.
Blacks from fan and track to black on outlet
ground to ground
and blue untouched.

Fan works with track coming on on high (fan is still independently controllable by pull cord) and the lights have stopped working all together from the fan for some reason, may be the "pop" caused the bulbs to blow out???

What I want to achieve is once again have the track lighting work with light dimmer switch on remote and fan be independent.

Can anyone help me? Also am I right about the bulbs or could it be that I blew the fixture on the fan?
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You may not be able to accomplish what you desire.

Where was the blue fan (light) wire connected BEFORE you started playing with the track lighting? If it was the black fan wire which was also connected to the black wire from the ceiling then you cannot control the track lighting from the fan controller.

Assuming you have three wires (black, white and green or bare) coming from the ceiling to power the fan you need to connect the white fan lead to the white power lead. You connect the black fan lead to the black power lead and you connect the bare wire to the fan green lead.
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Thanks for your response. Honestly the I could not find a joint on the blue wire and I ended up splitting it myself and making a pig tail joint to achieve the desired effect, obviously I was wrong and now I am not even certain if its the bulbs I need to replace or the lighting portion of the fan!!! I will start with the bulbs and hope for the best I guess.
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white from track lighting to blue from fan
That's a recipe for death. Guessing is a very bad idea. The blue wire is a hot wire and you connected it to a neutral wire. There would be no way for the track lighting to work with both of its wires connected to hot wires.

Even if you got this connected correctly, you may very well burn out your remote receiver (or your house), as the dimmer in it is only designed to handle the load of the fan's lights.

all whites and blue together
No wonder the breaker tripped! You directly shorted out the circuit. There is now a very good chance that the remote receiver is ruined, as a high current through any dimmer usually burns it out.

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