Retail lighting


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Retail lighting

My parents have a few Hallmark stores, and I'm looking to replace some 50w PAR 20 bulbs at one of the stores with something more economical/durable. The store in question is primarily lit with in-ceiling T8 fixtures, with a few PAR38 floods towards the front of the store.

There are six ceiling fans placed in the primary retail area, with 4 light sockets each. The PAR 20s do a nice job of providing a warmer light on product, but are not cost effective due to life-span and energy usage. I have yet to find a bulb that lasts more than 4 months with the fans running ($8/bulb). I'm considering a (36) LED bulb "with a glass lens". They are expensive, but if they last as long as advertised, would be worth it. LINK

I would really appreciate any input on this.

Derek in MI
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That link shows the bulb has 80 lumens. That woudl be like putting a 10 watt night light up there. So for a retail application I don't see how it would work. Have you tried a 130 volt halogen reflector?
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Another thing to watch for is the color or temperature of the bulb. Some may be very blue and effect how the product looks on the shelf.

Have you tried ceiling fan bulbs?
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I don't know if you allready check it or not there is a Compact flourscent verison of the R20 I know few big box store should stock this but the critical thing is check the lumines rating.

you should get at least 300~400 lumines from that bulb then it worth the money and there are quite few on market and you may want to look it in the big box store and also as Pcboss mention colour tempture you want to watch out on that due some of them can have diffrent colour tempture they have it from 2800K { warm white } to 5000K { daylight or supercool white } or higher somecase.

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I definately think that LED lighting is the way to go! However the technology for the screw in LED lamps is not up to par yet. I feel that you would be very disappointed in the actual product and light output you would get with the LED lamp you have shown.

There is a company out there called Cree Lighting. They are ahead of the curve for LED lighting; specifically recessed. They are made in 4" and 6" trims. With features such as 50,000 hour life; 650 lumen output; no heat output, all while running at only 12 watts of power. (specs are of the 6" model) With running these lights at 14 hours a day they would last just under 10 years. They are also dimable unlike many compact flourescent lamps.

CF is really not that big of a money saver. Many times they are put to mislead people into thinking that they will save them gobs of money. Also with drawbacks of owning a business having to discard the CF lamps specially due to government regulations. Also many people complain about the fact they are difficult to read with.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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Thanks to everyone for the replies, I figured there were no responses until I noticed I hadn't activated any notification...

Looks like we'll be holding off this project for a bit, however I'll certainly look into the suggestions posted when the time comes.

It does seem the 130v halogens would be the best way to add some warmth under the fluorescent fixtures...they're also the most likely to be granted by "purchasing"..

We had some issues with product discoloration (candles), under big-box CF bulbs several years ago, something that doesn't seem to happen with the high-end Par38 style CF bulbs from M-E Lighting. Their products are extremely expensive, but pretty impressive....

Ultimately, LED is the goal. Hopefully the economy comes around before they're old news and OLED is

thanks again for everyone's input.

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