Bathroom Exhaust Fan Recommendation?


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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Recommendation?

I am replacing a very old noisy bathroom exhaust fan. It's a 1/2 bathroom that has a toilet and a sink, It's 4.5 ft by 5 ft by 8 ft height (approx 180 sq. ft. total). Since it's 1/2 bath, I'm not worry about mirror fogging up from the shower, just... um... get rid of the aftersmell once the user done his deed .

Several questions:

What is the recommended CFM speed for the bathroom size and quick evacuation of the smell?

I'm looking for whisper quiet (it's ok that it's barely humming) fan. Will 1.5 sone be sufficient or at most 1?

Any fan recommendations that are bang for your buck?
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Here's the sizing chart. I can't help you with the sound level. I replace our old noisy ones with a 3 sone rebuild kit from Home Depot. Much quieter than the old ones but likely louder than your taste. Personally I prefer at least a little noise from the fan as long as its not annoying

How to properly size a bathroom ventilation fan
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I like a fan with some noise. Otherwise my family forgets to turn it off and leaves it on all day and it sucks all that expensive conditioned air out of the house.
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The other soluation is put in a wall timer or motion sensor both work very well and they will shut off automatically after so many of X minutes.

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Can't go wrong with Broan fans, relatively inexpensive and made in the US. I installed a wall fan recently based on the 5 star rating at amazon and wasn't disappointed.
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Thanks for the tips and suggestions guys. Ha ha, maybe I will get one with a little noise so it's not dead silent. I see alot of the fans are at least 50cfm which is more than enough for the small 1/2 bathroom. Most of the ones I like so far have the cutout opening like around 8"x10" or even 10"x10". I think mine is like 7"x7". I guess I need to open it up more.
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consider panasonic bathroom fans - they are super quiet and move a lot of air. we recently replaced the stock Broan fans our builder put in and we are much happier. we put a timer on the wall so we can leave the fan on a bit after showering and not have to worry about turning it off.
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Remove Stale Air from Near the Floor

I learned that the more poisoned air is closer to the floor. The baddie is hydrogen and hydrogen compounds (hybrides of hydrogen.) Some of these are called nitrosamines, and these and many others are found in indoor air.

Typical bathroom and ventilation fans have a cover that "sips" air from the ceiling position, and keeps it from removing air near the floor. Air wants to striate, like taffy, and you can see it making a coherent stream in many situations of air being moved, vertically or horizontally.

In an apartment I had, I made a tube from cardboard and covered it with white paper for looks. I installed it on their fan instead of the plastic cover, and found that the air was being moved from the floor area almost immediately when turning it on.

This gave a great benefit in freshness, and I used it regularly just to keep the place nice.

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Recommended size with all manufactures 1cfm per sq. foot. But please matter how powerful the fan is, you NEED makeup air. A window cracked a door...if not an option, slice a little off the bottom of can't exhaust it out unless you bring it in.

1.5 sones is pretty quiet. Broan has one that is quieter than the quietest Panasonic.....
.3 sones..Which is the fan I would recommend..qtxe080 or the Nutone equivelent qtxen080 (they bought each other out)

Other than the fact they are made in china...years down the road (or 3) when the motor goes out, good luck getting replacement. Over the years, Panasonic changes the models just enough so that you HAVE to tear out the old housing and cut to install new..pretty spendy depending on your ceiling.
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