need help to wire GE whole house fan

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need help to wire GE whole house fan

my brother is trying to wire a new 3 way switch into our GE whole house fan. The old switch was only a 2 speed, hi/off, and was not the proper swtich. It quit working yesterday so he went to the hardware store and bought a new 3 way switch, off/low/hi. The new switch has 1 red wire, a blue wire and a black wire. Coming out of the fan motor is a red, black and white. He can get the fan to go to low/hi but not turn off. He does not know what to do with the "extra" blue wire since there was not a blue wire on the old switch. There wasn't any wiring color codes on the package with the new switch, naturally! so he doesn't want to blow something up or start a fire! He now has the 1 black wire from the fan motor and the one black wire from the pull switch, wired to the black conduit wire from the house. The red wire from the switch and the red wire from the fan motor wired together. The white wire coming for the fan motor, is wired to the white wire coming from the house. It tried wiring the blue wire to the white house wire, but that didn't work. As it stands now, you can pull the chain and the fan will go from low to high, but won't turn off, help!
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So you don't short anything out I will tell you this. Only the white from the house goes to the white of the fan. Nothing else.

Without a model number of the switch it is a little hard to tell you how exactly it goes but I will give you a rundown how these type of switches work and maybe you can do some trial and error. But don't worry about starting a fire. As long as you only work with the black from the house, the three wires on the switch, and the red and black on the fan motor it will either work or not work. Of course turn off the circuit power when working on the wires and connect nothing to the whites other than what I posted above!

The power from the house (black) must go to the switch first. If I'd had to guess, I would say black.
The two leads on the fan are for the two speeds (high/low) one wire for each.
The red and the blue from the switch should also for the two speeds.

I suggest connecting:
Black of house to Black of switch
Red of switch to red of fan
Blue of switch to black to fan.

If that doesn't work only move the black of the house to another wire of the switch. The house black should not go to the fan or it will not shut off. (as you may know.)

If none of that works, then it sounds to me like you have a bad switch. (Just so you know it is not called a 3 way switch. That is something entirely different)

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