8 wires in fixture

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8 wires in fixture

I am trying to install a ceiling fan and am not sure how to connect the wires.

In the wall switch there are two sets of wires, both have one black and one white, plus there is a ground wire. One set of the wires is capped off individually - the white is capped and the black is capped. The other set goes to the switch, including the ground wire.

Coming from the ceiling are 4 sets of 3 wires, each has a black, a white, and a copper.

There is a light fixture outside the room on the outside of the house that does not work and does not have a switch for it. I assume that one set of wires from the wall switch was used at some time for that fixture.

So, the ceiling fan has a black, white, and copper and a black and a white for the light kit.

Can you tell me how to install the ceiling fan?

I don't need the outside light, if that helps.


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What wires do you have in the ceiling box where you are going to install the fan?
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At the ceiling box determine which set of wires is hot using an analog multimeter. Mark that cable and turn off the power.

Make sure none of the other cables are hot. Have a helper turn on the switch at the wall and double check no voltage then switch your multimeter to the lowest ohm scale. and check each cable to see in you get an ohm reading. Have your helper turn on the switch and try again. When you find the cable that reads a couple of ohms have your helper flip the switch off and on while you watch your meter. The needle should move back and forth. If so mark this switch loop.

At the ceiling box connect the black of the switch loop to the black (and blue if present) of the fan. Connect the white of the hot cable to the white of the fan. Connect the white* of the switch loop to the black of the hot cable.

*The white of the switch loop should be recolored red or black or any color but green or white.

Connect all grounds together and if metal box pigtail to box.

Above assumes no wires (except grounds) connected at the ceiling box. Stop and give more detail if any are.

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