why are my low voltage landscape lights burning out so fast?!

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Question why are my low voltage landscape lights burning out so fast?!

Hey Friends

i moved into a house that had landscape lights already in the ground...there are 11 "well lights"...the kind that are flush with the ground that swivel (all 12v and 25 watts that are PAR36 lightbulbs)...i have since gone to 12v and 11 watts....

these well lights kind of look like this:
20 Watt Halogen PAR36 Narrow Spot: Light Bulbs Etc, Inc.

there are also 2 additional lights, kind of like projector type flood lights (these were the 2 biggies that had like a 50 watt halogen type light bulbs that you push down and turn...has 2 bumps on the side)...these bulbs burned out and i never replaced

these 2 additional bulbs (NOT THE WELL LIGHT ONES) look like this:

my transformer that i see on the side of my house...says it is LOW VOLTAGE and the number 1120 is "Checked off"...i think this may mean that the max watts is 1120? It also says 9.33 AMP and no more than a 10 AMP fuse should be used...there are 4 wires that come out of the bottom of the transformer and go into the ground

Now im finally getting to my issue...it seems like every week or 2 one of the well lights would burn out...so i would replace them...even buying a lesser watt in case i was close to maxing out...then a couple days later another well light would go...well i have ended up replacing all 11 wells lights now in the last year or so and now some of the newer ones are not working...occassionally all i have to do is go tap on the well light itself and it comes back on...and i may have to do this for several nights in a row before that lights burns out..makes no sense that if i snap my finger onto the well light that it comes on at all...i have the wires plugged into the terminals

do i have a cut line somewhere which i have no idea where?
do i have the wrong kind of bulbs in?
transformer prob?


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First let start with quick checklist here.,,

Distance from transfomer to first low voltage luminaire.

Voltage at first low voltage luminaire.

Size of conductor for Low Voltage. { useally stamped on the cord so you may have to look pretty close to see markings }

You mention here that you say 10 amp fuse that mean it is a 120 watt transfomer so you will have to get the total watts together to see what you come up and do not go over the transfomer rating this is very important part.

Some transfomer do have mulit voltage adjustment so try to kick it down to next lower voltage level that useally do the trick.

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hi marc

the nearest light (11 watt well light) to the transformer is about 8 feet (not sure where on one of the lines it is tho)

im not sure size of conductor (do you mean what gauge wire?)...im not even sure right now of that...i guess i have to dig one up and try to find the idenitifier on one of the wires (unless it's within the first 12-16 inches that come out of the transformer and go into the ground in which case that would be easier)

my total watts of well lights in only 121 watts....i thought the max is 1,120 watts?

the inside of the transformer may look very similar to this one
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how do i kick it down a lower voltage level...how do i know if i can do this?

last night i noticed that since i stopped replacing lightbulbs lile a month ago that werent lighting up, i now have 8 out of 11 well lights not on!


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