1'x4' Prismatic Lens for Fluorescent Light Troffer


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1'x4' Prismatic Lens for Fluorescent Light Troffer

First post ever and I need some help. We purchased a foreclosed home and have renovated it. In the kitchen, they used two 2-light fluorescent ballasts and built a 9-inch-deep box around each of them. The problem lies in the fact that they do not have a lens on them currently. We purchased some wraparound troffer lenses that would fit any normal ballast, but they do not fit into the box. If they did not have the edge lips then I think it would fit.

In my research and questioning people at Lowe's, I have not been able to find a flat 1'x4' prismatic lens anywhere - even on the internet. We have also tried cutting a 2'x4' lens that got us nowhere. Any ideas? I can get a picture if I need to and/or give you more information if needed. Thanks so much!
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They can be cut but breakage is a fact of life. One way is to use a circular saw with a steel plywood blade installed backwards. Duct tape to a scrap piece of plywood and cut with blade depth around 3/8".

Note there are two sizes of 2X4 lenses. One to fit grids and one to fit troffers.
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I've had luck by scoring the smooth side using a sharp utility knife & a straight edge, then "snapping" the joint. Seems to work best for me.
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As I remember..there are also polystyrene and acrylic...the poly will shatter if you look at it funny.

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