wiring help needed - 2 lights, 1 switch (diagram included)

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wiring help needed - 2 lights, 1 switch (diagram included)


I'm trying to figure out how to fix the wiring to two lights in a barn; only one was working. As you can see in the diagram below, the Line wires come from the Fuse Box straight into the switch receptacle, and two 14/3 wires go out to the two lights. Inside the receptacle the whites pigtail together, as do the bare wires which then connect to the green ground screw on the switch itself. The switch that is there now is a 3-way (I believe), with the black hot wire going to the "Common" black screw and both black wires to the lights connecting to the opposing brass screws. With this setup, only the light attached to the brass screw on the same side of the switch as the Common wire works.

Is this a correct way to do this? All of the diagrams I show wire two lights from one switch in series, but with the way these were wired, each light has its own wiring coming straight from the switch.

Thanks for your (detailed) help!


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I don't have a clue what the jack-leg that wired it had in mind unless there was a second switch that was abandoned.

Simplest solution is to replace the 3-way switch with a regular (SPST) switch.

Cap off the red at the switch and lights. You will not use it.

Wire nut the blacks from the two lights to a pigtail and fasten the pigtail to one side of the switch.

Connect the black from the fuse box to the other side of the switch.

Wire nut the three whites together.

Connect the grounds together and pigtail to the switch. Use a second pigtail to the box if metal.

If you want to control the lights independently you could also use a duplex switch.

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