reeves1: Non-IC Recessed Lights in Insulated Ceiling


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reeves1: Non-IC Recessed Lights in Insulated Ceiling

About a year ago I had a licensed electrician install 6 recessed ceiling fixtures in an existing insulated ceiling which already had 10" blown insulation. I had removed a portion of the attic flooring in preparation for his work. I recently started replacing the plywood flooring long after the work was done, and became concerned about re-covering the fixtures with insulation. I checked with Home Depot, and they said non-painted fixtures were IC-rated, while painted ones, which I have, were non-IC. I called the electrician,who said the reason he put in the non-IC lights was because that was all his supplier carried! He suggested I push away the insulation and refused any further help. I have read somewhere about using 10-12 inch metal duct, cutting it off about 18-24 inches, and placing it over the lights. I would have to cut the metal for the supports and cover the cutout with aluminum tape, then seal the duct to the sheetrock ceiling with caulking or spray insulation foam. I would then cap the open end to prevent air leakage to the attic. Has anyone tried this and found it effective and safe?
Thanks for opinions from anyone with experience with successfully and economically resolving this problem in this or other ways. I would rather not have to replace the fixtures at $100 each, which the "electrician" charged me.
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Welcome to the forums. You should always start your own thread. I have started this one for you.

The pros should be along in the morning but you can build a box around them.

I called the electrician,who said the reason he put in the non-IC lights was because that was all his supplier carried!
Bull pucky. No one is forcing him to buy from that supplier only. HD or Loews are probably as cheap as his supplier and as you found out do have IC. Of course first you have to believe his supplier doesn't carry IC rated. My guess is it was what he had on the truck.

Most electricians are very good and conscientious. You need to ask friends for recommendations so you can hire one of those next time.
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Bull Pucky I like that, Ray! But I agree. Since he installed old work cans, you could change them out for IC cans and be done with it. I know it is a little more expense, but I find the expense is in the trim rings, and you already have them. IC cans can be had for $8 - 12 each. Labor and PITA to build the boxes would outweigh the change out.

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If the home owner does not feel comfortable rewiring the lights, in the old days they made a dome of chicken wire to cover the light and then put insulation on top. Manufacturers recomendations are to maintain 3 inches of air between the light housing and the insulation. The danger of fire isnt really an issue because 99% of receded lights today have a thermal overload built in. It usually looks like a black cylander sticking out of the junction box on the light or a small rectangular metal bar attached to the top of the housing about 1 inch long. This overload turns off the light if it over heats from either contact with insulation or if you accidentally put to large of a bulb in it. If the light over heats, the overload turns it off. When it cools down, the overload will reset and turn the light back on.

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