layout of lighting for lounge

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layout of lighting for lounge

Iíve been designing the layout for the lighting in our formal area, and just wanted to run it past people here before proceeding.

The basic idea is for the secondary lighting illuminating the walls to act as a comfortable ambient source under normal circumstances, with the central overhead lights kicking in for the odd occasion when bright lights are needed (cleaning up, entertaining, etc). To that end I was going to put 8 x 6" recessed fixtures into the central portion of the tray ceiling, which would have been sufficient to light up the area on their own. But the more I thought about it, the more I considered that it was overkill, as itís not like our kitchen, where I put in 10 units to give plenty of bright lighting where it was needed, regardless of the ambient lights I put under the cabinets and illuminating the wall space. The central lights in the formal area would be rarely used, so rather than setting them up as a major light source on their own, I figured all I had to do was think of them as supplementary illumination to the other lights, meaning that if I wanted to brighten the area up, ALL the lights would be switched on together. So I cut the design back from 8 central lights to just 4 in the middle of the tray ceiling, spaced about 5í apart.

With two dual globe sconces either side of the window, and five x 4Ē (45 watt) cans lighting up the walls around the room, thereíd be around 500 watts (max.) of lighting for ambient purposes. The four central lights would kick in another 260 watts. That should be plenty for a lounge area, yes? Thereís also 3 pendant lights hanging down from the bar throwing in some more ambient light, though theyíre controlled from the dining area.

Notes on plan shown in picture at - lighting layout for lounge picture by timbo59 - Photobucket

1) Room is 20' x 14'
2) dotted lines show edge of tray ceiling I've just installed, as well as truss placement.
3) Color code for lights is as follows

a) Green represents the sconces
b) Red represents the 4" recessed eyeball lights
c) Blue represents the 6" +recessed lights
d) Yellow represents the bar pendant lights

If anyone could give me some feedback on the proposed layout I'd appreciate it, as I'm only a few days away from making the cutouts in the ceiling for the recessed lights.
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Your plan seams fairly thought out. Here is the only suggestions I can give, as peoples lighting is more of a personal choice.

1) I suggest switching each type of light separately. 4" cans on one switch, 6" on another, etc.

2) IMO I would still go with the 6 or 8 x 6" cans in the center of the room. It never hurts to have more light when you need it and you do not need to lamp them with the max wattage or you can put them on a dimmer to adjust the light level to your desire.

While the wattage is handy to know when running the wiring, it is not a good representation of the amount of light that will be given. For that you will use lumens. Also there are many other factors that will depend on the amount of light you need such as finish (walls, carpet) colors, natural lighting and age. (The older you get, the more light you need)

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