are candle flicker bulbs dimmable?


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are candle flicker bulbs dimmable?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've searched all over the net and can't find an answer. I want to put candle flicker bulbs in my chandelier in the dining room, but don't know if they are dimmable? Unfortunately 75% of the lights in the new house I bought are on dimmer switches so it's been a pain to make my home energy efficient (since CFL's sucks on a dimmer.)

I figured if I have to go incadescent, I minds well get the fancy flickering flame ones.

This is what I'm talking about:
GE 3-Watt Crystal Clear Bent Tip Flicker Flame Incandescent Light Bulb (3CAM/FF/CD1-TP6) from The Home Depot

It says not dimmable, but do they make any that are? I can't find any that specifically say "dimmable".
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Not sure why you would want to dim them anyway, a they are almost non existent in lumens and create ambiance all their own. They are not dimmable.
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ok, thanks for the help. Any idea then on what kind of dimmable lights to put in the chandelier? I tried dimmable mini CFL's but they only dimmed a little bit before shutting off completely, they totally sucked. Are dimmable LEDs better? Or should I try to find halogen for engery savings?
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Actually, I think the flicker bulb you linked to is actually a neon bulb, not incandescent as the ad says. As such, it definitely is NOT dimmable, and I don't know why you'd want to dim one of these 3 watt flicker bulbs anyway, as the light they put out is miniscule.

The very act of dimming a regular incandescent bulb will save energy. The more it's dimmed, the less power it will use. LED's are usually considered dimmable, but MAY take a special dimmer. Considering the high price of LED bulbs, I'd think it would take years to pay for them in the electricity savings, compared to just using regular chandelier style incandescent bulbs in your chandelier. Unless your chandelier is on for hours a day at the brightest setting, I doubt if you'll see any appreciable energy savings. I also question the ambience of a dimmed LED bulb compared to a dimmed incandescent bulb over the dining room table.
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Ok, thanks. Just trying to save electric bill where I can. Trying to make my whole house energy efficient. I guess you're right, mini chandelier bulbs not worth the time.

I have eight R20's bulbs in this house on one dimmer in the family room, and they are all 75 watt and some don't match color. I just ordered eight westinghouse 45 watt replacement incadescents hopefully those will be bright enough for the room at almost half the energy cost.

I also have 4 BR30's on a dimmer in the bathroom (can style dimmer lighting all over this house) but I might just leave the 65w incadescents in there for now, because I don't think I can find dimmmable CFL or LED that give the same ambience of romantic bath with wifey.

OMG. Jeeze so many dimmers. I have 6 dimmable bulbs each in their own dome above my long deck outside all on a dimmer (kind of stupid actually). Haven't used those lights really because it's winter, but will in the summer. Gotta stay incadecent with those too I guess for mood lighting with parties on the deck in summer.

Oh, and of course the dimmable BR30's in my office. I just put some dimmable CFL's in those, they suck and have no dimming range to them at all, but I don't need mood lighting in there really anyway.

By the way, all these dimmers are the basic wheel that spins around on the wall type. Except the bathroom, it's a slider that goes up and down and says lumitron or luxtron or something on it.

I also ordered ten T5 wedge base bulb Led's for my landscaping lights in the garden (hope I got right kind!) and I put a regular CFL in the lamp post in my front yard which seems to work whenever it wants to, lol.

Next step is the spotlight on the front of the garage which is on a motion sensor, I'm saving up to put two BR38 LED units in there but they are like $70.00 a piece. OUCH. Not a priority I guess, that light only stays on for like 45 seconds.

Oh yeah, and the CFL's I got all around in all the ceilling and fan lights, table lights, etc. LOL.

I think so far I've turned about 3,000 watts of bulbs in this house into about 800 watts. Still chipping away. My side door on the back of the house has no light on it, so I bought a GE battery operatered LED spotlight to put over that door. Also bought an LED strip light to put above the stovetop in the kitchen under a cabinet, it is lacking a light there. Whenever I tell my wife to get in the kitchen and cook me dinner she complains because she can't see to cook above the stove.

UGH BUT IT GETS WORSE! I have thse little round accent lighting under the cabinets in the kitchen and I'm going to switch those to LED's because the lights in there burn super hot and I'm worried it's going to light my cabinets on fire. But before that I have to figure out the wiring issue, since only 2 out of the 5 accent lights turn on, the other 3 turn on whenever they want. LOL Ahh the joys of buying a house!

My WIFE thinks I'm crazy. But she pays electric bill I'm just trying to save us money.
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Your wife is correct and you are not saving a dime. Everything you might be saving on electricity cost is being spent several times over in new light bulbs. In most cases simply changing bulbs to CFL or LED is not going to save any significant amount of money. LEDs are even worse, especially when you consider the higher cost of the bulbs and the lower lumen output. I DO strongly recommend LED night lights over regular incandescent night lights.

What you CAN do to save money is to turn off lights when not needed. You MAY be able to use CFLs in some of the outdoor fixtures that you leave on for long periods of time. If the post lamps have photocells you will need to replace the photocells with three-wire models (assuming they are now two-wire models) and this CAN save a significant amount of electricity. In my own case with electric rates around 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour I save about $3 to $4 a month using CFLs in my outside porch fixtures.

I have a DARK kitchen. I have often thought about having a skylight installed so I don't need to use the (recessed) lights in the daytime but I ran the numbers and it would take something like ten years just to break even. Heck, I might not even live that long.

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