Hanging a Chandelier on a Sloped Ceiling


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Question Hanging a Chandelier on a Sloped Ceiling

I have a 1930's art deco chandelier that I want to hang in my dining room. The dining room has a sloped ceiling and I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find something similar for a chandelir like you would use for a ceiling fan on a sloped ceiling. I was trying to avoid a swag hook and chain if possible.

I have posted photos of the top of the light fixture here as well as a couple of the existing installation on the sloped ceiling: Lighting Photos

Thanks in advance for your suggestions / guidance!

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The first photo shows the light fixture that I want to install and the way it came as purchased. The hook was there from a previous installation. The second two photos shows the existing light fixture that I want to replace.

I know that most modern fixtures aren't hung from a hook but this older fixture isn't set up like most fixtures that I see, especially when trying to hand it from a sloped ceiling. I'm looking for suggestions on how to hang this type of fixture other than using a swag hook and chain set up on the sloped ceiling.


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What's wrong with a hook? What are you envisioning instead?
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I was wondering if anyone knows of some sort of sloped ceiling adapter that might work, similar to ones used for ceiling fans. I've found this online but it's more for swiveling light fixtures with a motor installed in the adapter: Bruck Lighting - 4" Sloped Ceiling Plug
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It looks to me like the way the chandelier is made that it needs to have a level surface to hang from. If it was mine I would build a level surface in the area you wish to hang the light and using a fan rated box mount it level. You would need to get a U shaped bolt and mount that hook through the box or change the hook to a system such as the existing light has on it. You could possibly use the existing bracket on the old box to run thru the hook if the base will cover good.
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I understand your problem but I think it would be clearer if you could post a pic of the whole fixture you want to install.

Since it's a rigid/solid connection from the canopy to the actual lamps (I presume)...you'll need to do something to enclose the canopy that is strong enough to support the weight. Then that can connect to the box in the ceiling somehow.

I'm not sure how you would do it and have it look good though. You don't just want something flat...it should have some sort of decorative dome type look with a loop on top.

I don't think you'll be able to completely avoid a chain..but it could possibly be as short as 2 or 3 links if the canopy clears the slope of the ceiling.
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The box rich3236 linked to may work to give you the level mounting surface needed for your fixture. If not, there are a couple more on the page, under Also Viewed, and one of them should do the trick.

That said, you're still faced with the challenge of securely mounting the fixture to the new box. For a code compliant installation, the open canopy at the top of the fixture needs to be pulled up tight against the mounting surface, so that all of the wiring, and wire connections, are enclosed within the canopy and the box. The hook that is in the canopy now won't do the trick.

How is that hook mounted? Is it, for example, threaded onto a nipple that extends through the canopy and is secured with a cap nut? If so, eliminating the hook and using a longer nipple screwed into a hanger bar mounted to the box might do it.

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