Ceiling fan with two three way switches


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Ceiling fan with two three way switches

I recently bought a home from the 60's and replaced a ceiling fan in the dining room with a Hunter. There is one three way switch in the dining room and one three way in the hallway (previously a dimmer). I want both switches to have the ability to turn on the entire fan (fan and lights). Currently the dining room switch works correctly and flipping up the hallway switch turns it off. But turning on the hallway switch with the dining room off does nothing.


Fan = 2 wire, ground to ground, white to white, black and blue to black

Hallway = 3 wire, everything connected to the three way switch, white to common, black to left traveler and red on the right traveler.

Dining room = 2 and 3 wire, the red from the 3 wire and white form the 2 wire are together with a wire nut. the white form the 3 wire is connected to the common of the switch. The black from the 3 wire is connected to the left side traveler. The black from the 2 wire is connected to the right side traveler.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your time
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Welcome to the forums!

What am I doing wrong?
You're missing a 2-conductor cable in one of the boxes. Did this pair of 3-way switches - or a 3-way switch and a 3-way dimmer in the same locations - control the fan that you replaced?

In addition, you cannot use a dimmer to control a fan motor, as you appear to have realized. In addition, you should not use an on/off switch to control the motor, unless you're prepared to have the fan set with its pull-chain switch to always run at High speed.

But find that missing cable first and we can go from there.

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