touch lamp acting strange


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Question touch lamp acting strange

I have had a touch lamp for 20+ years. It has always been just that...touch on, touch off. Recently it has been coming on when we flip on the wall switch that is in the room where the lamp is. It only does it sometimes. Does this sound like it is a lamp problem or something within our electrical system? Thanks
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That's pretty good..... 20 years old.

The new replacement touch modules stop working if the bulb goes bad on turn-on

I build/service touch lamps and they can do some strange things. These switches work on stray 60 cycle power. I've had them operate when they shouldn't. You could try it in another room for a few days and see how it operated there.
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My wife has a touch lamp about as old. A few yrs ago it quit working and I opened it up to see if there was anything I could fix before trashing it ..... and found nothing wrong - it worked perfectly
We have noticed that twice in the yrs since that the light has turned itself on with nobody in the room.
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We've had a few of these lights that do odd things.
From what I can see, they are reasonably sensitive to power quality and really don't like CFL bulbs.

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