Swap to brighter LED light in ceiling fan


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Swap to brighter LED light in ceiling fan

Hello, this is my first post so correct me if this is in the wrong place or format.

I have a ceiling fan that has very dim LED lighting (board? if I can call it that) and I want to swap it out with one that will be bright enough to be a primary light.

I unscrewed the plastic light casing on the bottom and removing the LED light. That's as far as I've got because I am no expert. It looks like its 24V and has a small 2 prong connecter.

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So my question is, where can I purchase a new LED light/board that will fit with a ~4.2" metal plate that holds it to the ceiling fan? With minimal welding or screwing etc. Googling it just caused more confusion.
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Welcome to the forums!

If you include the make and model of the fan, we can help you search. That said, the light fixture is probably made for that fan.

I would look instead for LED lamps the same size and shape as the ones in it now, but with higher output. Oh, and the same voltage and power type. Speaking of that,
It looks like its 24V and has a small 2 prong connecter.
Do the lamps have the voltage and power type embossed onto them? If not, you will need to use a multimeter to test the power in the connector.

The format looks great, BTW, and you picked the right forum for your question.

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The fan is Hampton Bay Edgemont 52 in. Ceiling Fan, Model # YG177-CLP.

Yes the 24V is embossed on the light and I think its DC but not entirely sure.

Thanks for your response, I will bring this into the city one day and find a light/lamp store. A new casing too as it is frosted and probably contributes to the dim lighting.
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I was looking up that light fixture and found many complaints on the dim lighting.

In the link below is the reviews of the fan with the addition of ones person's lighting modification. It involves removing the LED lights and installing a compact fluorescent lamp.

Hampton Bay Edgemont 52 in. Ceiling Fan-YG177-CLP at The Home Depot
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I read through the reviews and found three different stories of the way the owner replaced the light. Maybe one of them will work for you.

I saw a lot more reviews that said the fan was being returned.
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This is rather old thread, but I am posting it in the hopes that it will help someone. I was the one who posted a review to Home Depot product page last year, but the product has since been removed. The retrofit involved replacing the LED module with a CFL socket and bulb.

You will need the following parts:

Maxlite 11334 - MLGSIIB Twist and Lock Base Socket
Robot Check
$11.28 with shipping

Maxlite MLS13GUSWW6 70441 Twist Style Twist and Lock Base Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
Robot Check
$8.94 with shipping

You will also need a threaded pipe and a nut, both available as a kit at HD or Lowes in the ceiling fan section (where the ceiling fan pull chains are), and some small wire nuts.

The assembly involves removing the LED assembly from the round plate, and removing the LED power converter (a little black box). Then, install the CFL socket into the round hole (it should fit perfectly), and use the threaded pipe and a nut to secure. You may have to use an additional washer or just a piece of wire underneath the nut (I bent a paperclip). Then, wire up the bulb and you're good to go. Make sure you understand basic 120VAC wiring before attempting this.

The CFL bulb works great and is much brighter than the LED that came with the ceiling fan.

Edit: Here is the review page in Home Depot, it has more detailed instructions:
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The link no longer works and I'd love to find out exactly how you did this. I don't understand which black box you removed
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Is your light identical to the posters? It appears the poster had a removable light kit. If yours is removable replacing the light kit assuming you have 120v available to the existing kit may be the simplest solution.

My guess on black box removed would either be a power supply or current limiter.

Pando has not been on the board since 11-25-14 the day after his post.

I strongly suggest you start a new thread giving full information on your problem.
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