Ceiling Fan and wall switch question


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Question Ceiling Fan and wall switch question

Hello. This is a great resource and I am glad to have found you!

We hired a licensed handy man to install a ceiling fan/light to replace a simple light. I love it, but...

The wall switch turns the whole unit off and on. We are forced to use the pull chain to turn the light on and off; we leave it in "on" so the fan runs at all times. The fan is above the bed and hard to reach, even with a long pull chain.

Needless to say, this is very irritating. We asked our handy man about this and he indicated "this is just how the fan was made." I don't buy that.

I've stepped on my blind dog more than once trying to turn on the light via the chain. Should I ask my handy man to rewire the darn thing, or could he be correct that this particular fan is made this way? (Bought it at Home Depot and it's a fairly new model.)


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Welcome to the forums! It isn't so much how the FAN was made, as it is how your house is wired. In order to separately control the fan and light, you would need one of two scenarios. ONE, separate wiring from the switch for both operations, and two switches. This would require new wiring from the switch to the fan unit.
TWO, buy a compatible remote control that separately controls each function. I have that on our fan in the living room since it was wired in the early 70's with only one cable to the fixture. If it was bought at HD, then it is most likely a Harbor Breeze and you can readily buy a remote control unit that mounts in the bell of the fan. It is not a difficult DIY project, and we can walk you through it if you want to attempt it.
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If it was a light there before it is unlikely it was a fan rated box. Was it? If not adding the remote would be a good time to do that.
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The ceiling box needs to be a fan rated box, as Ray said. The fan motor should not be controlled by an on/off switch because the motor needs full power at startup.

If there is only a 2-conductor, 3-wire cable between the switch box and the ceiling box, you can solve the control issue by replacing the switch with a 2-wire control such as a Hunter All Fan/Light Wall Mount Control, for example.

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