One bulb in fixture burns out instantly


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One bulb in fixture burns out instantly

Hopefully somebody can help me out here. I just installed a new light for above our dining room table. This is the first time I have done anything like this, but I took my time and researched how to wire it right and I think I did everything right.

The only problem is - one of the 6 bulbs in the fixture burns out immediately as soon as you screw it in. The rest are fine.

Did I wire something wrong or is it in the fixture itself?
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Welcome to the forums.

It's usually high voltage that kills a bulb but since the other 5 are fine it must be a bulb related problem. The "fixture" can't burn a bulb out. It could not light and that would be the fixture but that would be about it.

I've seen many defective bulbs right out of the package. Did you try moving one of the five to that location ?
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You said "one of the 6 bulbs in the fixture burns out immediately as soon as you screw it in." If you are installing the bulb with the power on it could possible be damaged by the arching as the bulb makes and breaks contact as turned in. Screw it in snug and then turn the switch on. Now, you are probably doing that, just didn't say it, so my bad.

Otherwise PJ covered it.

Are the bulbs at room temp? What type of bulbs are you using? Halogens do not like fingerprints.

Just guessing
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Halogens do not like fingerprints.
The hotter a bulb gets when it's on, the less it likes fingerprints. Halogens are the most sensitive because they get hotter than other bulbs.

I slip a thin glove or a clean gym sock over my hand before picking up any new light bulb.

And yes, turn the power off.
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Thanks everybody. I put a bulb in with it off and it works fine now. After spending two days carefully figuring out how to wire this thing in (old Bx wiring, 8 wires in one fixture, no box, plaster ceilings, etc.) I was afraid that I still screwed something up.

Thank God it was the simplest solution.
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An incandescent lamp is most likely to burn out at the moment it is switched on.

The chance is lessened if the lamp is turned on via a dimmer as opposed to direct application of full voltage.

The chance is increased if the filament is subjected to vibration at turn on or when on, and this includes when being screwed into a live socket and coming on.
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