Harbor Breeze fan remote with only 2 combinations


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Lightbulb Harbor Breeze fan remote only 2 combinations ??

I just bought 3 Harbor Breeze Portes ceiling fan with light and remote from Lowes. Item #: 464465 Model #: LP8293LAZ The fans have a remote control that only has 2 combinations. There is one dip switch that you put to either 0 or 1. No access to the receiver in the fan itself. You turn the power off, then back on, and press the Learn button. So when I installed the 3rd fan, I had to duplicate the code. Now when I turn the light on that 3rd fan, the 1st fan light also goes on. WHY in the world would Lowes change the technology from the old remotes with 4 dip switches (giving the user 16 different combinations). Why would they want to limit each household to only buying 2 of these fans ? Whoever came up with this idea should be fired. Does anyone know how I can get the 3rd fan to work without affecting one of the other ones ? Thanks
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My guess is that no one buys 3 of the same fan but I agree that it is a stupid design. If you turn the wall switch off on fan #1, it would probably work the way you want.
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Post Info from Harbor Breeze Support

I wanted to pass along what I have since found out.
Someone from my local Lowes called me back with the instructions. He also gave me the number for Harbor Breeze Lowes technical support 800-643-0067 Option #2.

So... this new technology works like this:
The zero is the default. Any fan(s) within 40 feet will work with the same remote(s).

If you put the switch to 1 and then press 'Learn', it will find a unique code just for that remote and fan. For more fans.. turn the power OFF to all fans and power back ON to only the fan you want to program..set the switch to 1, click Learn and it will find another unique code just for that 3rd fan and remote. And so on. He said there is no limit to how many of these fans I could have in close proximity.

This worked exactly as he said. Only downside ... I mount one remote on the wall for when you enter the room and I like an extra remote on the nightstand.
This seems only possible with switch on 0.
When I tried to program an extra remote for the other rooms using switch 1,
it creates a new code thereby disabiling the first remote in that room.
If I program the other rooms back to zero switch, then all the lights go on in all the rooms. So plan ahead which room you might want extra remotes and make that the default switch 0.

Hope this helps anyone in same situation. The instructions do not explain past the first 2 fans.

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