Extremely faint buzzing for LED lights on dimmer


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Extremely faint buzzing for LED lights on dimmer

I have recently installed some recessed pot lights in the basement. I specifically asked for units that would accept LED bulbs, as I knew I was likely going to be putting some LEDs in. Additionally, I specifically asked for dimmer switches that would be compatible with LEDs that were being dimmed.

With incandescent bulbs in, there is no buzzing, even with me standing on a ladder and my ear right up to the bulb. With LEDs in, there is no flicker of light, and no audible buzz when standing underneath them. However, when I put my ear right up to the LED bulb I can hear the slightest electrical buzzing.

I know that if you don't have the correct pot or dimmer, that LEDs can buzz. But I'm pretty sure I got the right stuff as I went to a company that only sells lighting stuff, not a big box, so I'm pretty confident in their advice. So is it normal for there to be a very light buzzing sound, even if you use the correct LED equipment?
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Yes..... it is normal to hear a slight buzzing in either the dimmer or the actual LED lights.
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Sometimes depending on the type of dimmer you use there will either be a buzz in the light bulb or even the dimmer. I have a ceiling fan with 4 incad lights on a dimmer and the fan still buzzes at times.

Try replacing the dimmer with a standard switch. If you still hear buzzing then you know it is a problem with the bulbs/can and not the dimmer. If the buzzing goes away then you know it is the dimmer. You can always try to get a new dimmer.
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Old fashioned incandescent bulbs can be dimmed by simply varying the current with a rheostat. LED's operate differently. They are basically on or off even for dimmable models. To achieve the dimming the LED is turned on and off very fast much like how a TV or movie changes still pictures fast enough that you see it as continuous motion. The pulsing of the LED dimmer controller can generate a high frequency whine.

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