Ceiling fan lighting trouble


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Ceiling fan lighting trouble

Hello all and thank you for any help you can provide. I want to preface my situation with the fact that the unit I am having issues with is give or take 2 years old and has always worked perfectly until about 3 hours ago.

Problem: The ceiling fan (3 lights + fan) in our bedroom is controlled by a single switch. We typically leave the light set to on and the ceiling fan set to whatever speed is needed. This way when we flip the switch everything turns on and runs great. A little bit ago I flipped the switch for the above fan and everything turned on, but I heard a click like sound and the lights immediately turned back off (fan remained running with no issue).

What I did:

1. At first I thought I heard a sound from the switch as well as the fan so I checked for a loose wire or something. While doing this the old switch pretty much feel apart so I figured that must have been the problem. After replacing the switch, it was not the problem, but I no longer hear the sound from the switch and now only hear it from the fan.

2. After reading on the internet, I found that it may be a loose wire in the fan itself. So I dismantled the fan down to the light box section. I then made sure everything was tight, in place, reapplied electrical tape, but no dice, problem persisted.

3. Then I decided to take out the bulbs (the fan uses small bulbs and I had 2 of the 3 it came with installed). I then put one of the two bulbs into the spot that had no bulb and everything worked perfect again. But after a few test flips, the same problem happened. But while constant with two bulbs it was intermittent (yet frequent) with 1.

4. Lastly I tried turning off the lights at the pull chain (while the fan was on and the lights had flickered off). I then pulled the chain to turn the lights back on and the lights stayed on, worked perfectly, and created no click like sound. After a few tests I sometimes experienced that the lights did not always turn back on this way. However, if I pulled the chain to turn off the lights and then flipped the wall switch off and on before pulling the chain to turn them back on, the lights would always work perfectly and no funny sound.

So at this point as long as I turn the lights on and off with the chain, after I flip the switch on, they work, but if I leave the lights on and flip the switch off and on, the fan works and the lights flick out instantly making a click like sound. I am happy I have a way to get light, but I am at a loss for how to fix this problem. Any help would be great and I am sorry for the book.
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reapplied electrical tape,
There should be no electrical tape. Wire nuts or other such connectors should be used but it sounds like you have a bad switch in the light kit. Replace the pull chain switch and see what happens.

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