How can I change my kitchen sink fluorescent light to an LED light?

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How can I change my kitchen sink fluorescent light to an LED light?

Right now I have the normal T12 fluorescent light above my kitchen sink. This light gets left on when I'm not home so the house isn't totally dark when I come in. So I thought I would change it to an LED light to save on power. But I'm not totally sure how to do that. Has anyone ever done this before and does it put off as much light as a fluorescent?
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You have a couple options. There are LED bulbs that are a direct replacement for fluorescent. It's easy but possibly not the most efficient since you are still using the fluorescent lights ballast. You can also replace the entire fixture for one that uses LED's.
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Hello Dave from 1987,
Short answer is .. It depends.
I don't want to make assumptions here so are you interested in replacing the fluorescent fixture with led fixture(s)? Depending how old are the fluorescents, particularly their ballasts, might save you in running costs, although led fixtures usually cost more upfront. There are t12 replacement "tube type" led bulbs but they can be expensive and if your fixture is the problem you risk burning out the led tube prematurely.
Do you care if the bluish, cool whitish light is what you want, or are you looking for a warmer, more incandescent "glow"? The difference comes down to Kelvins, the unit of measuring the color level output. Most fluorescent t12 bulbs range in the 3200 and up K units, which outputs that cool white color. If you like the more incandescent glow, then look for led bulbs which is specific to the 2700 K rating.
Led bulbs and fixtures specifically for under cabinet lighting come in a wide variety of choices (you can even do led rope lighting if you like), but the installation is essentially the same, so is your current setup switch controlled, push button on the fixture itself or something else?

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