this is a stumper


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this is a stumper

the old ceiling fan/light worked fine. the wall switch controlled only the light, and the drawstring controlled the fan. but, the bulb sockets were very wobbly, so i replaced it with a new fan/light combo. the ceiling box has 3 joined blacks; 3 joined whites; a single red. but, the instructions said to join the fan's black and blue to the ceiling black. i did this. everything works fine, except now the wall switch no longer does anything. only the drawstring will turn the lights on and off; the wall switch is irrelevent. soooo, i inspected the wall switch. it is a single [2 screws] pole with single red at the bottom, and 3 pigtailed blacks at the top. however, and here is the stumper, both screws are hot no matter what. turn the switch on or off, both the single red and pigtailed blacks are hot. it's like the switch is always "on." but, it worked perfectly before i installed the new fan unit. how can this be?? i didn't touch the wall switch. how can both screws always be hot? by the way, i covered the red in the ceiling box with a wire nut. i suspect the cure is to re-open things, and connect the blue of the fan to the single red wire. but still, i am stumped by the wall switch thing.
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Blue to red. Fan black to house black. There are many ways to wire a circuit and one set of instructions doesn't fit all but the writer often don't make that clear.
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