UPS with LED lights

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UPS with LED lights

I live in a remote area with frequent power cuts. In our house we have about 10 downlights, which have been recently replaced by a locally sourced LED solution.

I'm quite happy with the result: the new LED fixtures give more than sufficient light, were dirt easy to install and were rather affordable (about $10 a pop).

I particularly liked the fact that the fixture is fed by a standard adaptor low power plug, the adaptor itself (printed LED DRIVER on the unit) is seperated from the actual fixture.

Even though the area I live in features frequent power cuts, I couldn't quite find a serious reason to by a power generator. Affordable solutions are noisy, environmental unfriendly and tend to break down when needed. The fridge can hold its temperature for many hours, and the telly can wait :-)

But I do like to have some light.

The easiest solution would be to put an AC computer UPS after the fuse responsible for light. Those UPSes are fairly easy to source over here, are affordable and those 10 led's wouldn't take too much effort for the UPS to feed them. But it's AC-DC-AC-DC which inevitably is causing loss and it just doesn't look right.

The solution I'm looking for is a box to put between the AC and fixtures that handles everything; eliminating the 10 seperate adaptors and feed them though 1 single solution.

The LED driver says
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INPUT AC 100-265V
OUTPUT DC 16-25V 600mA

I'm both interested in a turnkey solution; but understanding that this specialized stuff might be difficult to source locally, I'm also interested in building it by myself (modifying an existing UPS maybe?)

Thanks in advance for all ideas or suggestions
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Interesting post. Ironic, it appears you might be using a system similar to what I was asking about here.

LED Light Panel, Anyone?

I was having issues finding even general information on the system, reliability, installation, etc. It seems these are not readily available in the US other than via the internet.
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That's quite a range for the output voltage. I wonder if a battery and battery charger would work. The charger is fed by AC, which keeps the battery charge and the lights are tied directly to the battery. Three 6 volt batteries like used for a forklift or golf cart might work. While two 12volt batteries sound right note that a batteries voltage is actually higher and higher still when being charged so two 12v batteries would exceed the 25 volts output by your transformer.
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I agree with Dane. Usually an LED driver puts out a specific voltage..... not a range.
In your case... the higher the voltage..... the longer the battery life..... but possibly shorter LED life.
Can you post a link to the fixture you're using.

One problem you may run in to with your idea is 600ma or just over one half amp is a lot of current. Depending on how far apart (different rooms) the fixtures are.... you may have to run a large DC power wire.

Let's look at the fixtures and go from there.

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