Installing Occupancy Light Sensor - 3 Way


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Installing Occupancy Light Sensor - 3 Way

In my basement I have 2 switches for one light, one at the top of the stairs & another near the basement entrance.

If I wanted to have both switches to have the same ability to automatically turn on the light, would I need 2 occupancy light sensor switches?

I had bought two of these:

Lutron Maestro 6 Amp Single Pole or Multi-Location Occupancy Sensing Switch - White-MS-OPS6M2-DVR-WH at The Home Depot

But i dont think they operate right. The first time in use it would operate automatically but after turning off on its own it would not turn back on unless manually pressed so I'm at a loss. I'm sure I probably have this wrong

Any ideas?
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Welcome to the forums. The electric pros are mostly at work at this hour. Hang on and they will pop up a little later.

I think it can be done, but will probably require a different wiring setup than your current 3 way circuit. I think that you could turn it on from either end, but to turn it off manually you may have to operate both switches.
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I took a quick look at an online manual and didn't see that option. Best advice is to call the manufacturer's help line.
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With an occupancy sensor you want an either or setup, not a 3 way setup.

That is, if either switch (you can have one regular switch and one occupancy sensor, or two occupancy sensors, if either one is flipped on then the light will be on.

Also some occupancy sensors require a neutral. Those will not work in switch setups that do not have a neutral in the switch box.

To convert a 3 way setup to an either or setup, disconnect both the common and one traveler from one switch. Connect these two ends to a short length (pigtail). Connect the other end of the pigtail to the common terminal of the switch leaving an empty traveler terminal.

At the other 3 way switch unhook the common and the other traveler (generally not the same color as the traveler you unhooked at the first switch box). Connect these two ends to a pigtail and connect the pigtail to the common terminal of this switch again leaving an empty traveler terminal.

Substitute an occupancy sensor for either of both of the 3 way switches described in the preceding. An occupancy sensor has a third terminal (not couinting the ground) for the neutral.
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If you want to use two motion sensors to operate the lights then you have to use the ones with a neutral. Since you have three wires between both switches then you have a neutral. Regardless of the type of three way wiring you have can convert the wiring to what you need.

Basically you want to make white the neutral, black always live and red is the lights.
Then both switches get connected the same way at both ends.

I'm showing the power coming in at switch 1 and the lights out at switch 2 but it doesn't make a difference what is at which end. The wiring can always be changed to work correctly.

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On edit: I didn't originally read that you had two dimmers. I don't think the ones you purchased will work together. I've used the method I've shown many times and I know it works.

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